Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Boy

the boy who
made it through against all odds
making every things possible
achieving not only his dreams
giving his best to the rest

you have to love this boy
who makes you smile
and makes you laugh
and brings you all that you love
with all his generous heart

this is the boy
who has turned out to be a wonderful man
a successful one
who stays firm on what he truly believes
who will stand by you
when you're at your worst
but never hopes for a praise
in return for what he has done best

the boy who is now
the man the world respects and admires
who has all the excellent judgment,
stamina, and determination
whom you won't dare to argue
if you don't have the same swift wit

the boy is still in the extraordinary man
but not for all the world to see
those he allows to
must mean a lot to him
ohh.. how I still can't believe
that one of them is me !

A birthday wish for the boy
to stay the person he is today
for all the goodness he brings
May Allah be with him all the way

Happy Birthday Dear Boy !