Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Blog Friend

When you read a person’s blog almost every other day (and some days in a row) you would feel like your’re exploring their world, you feel like you somehow know them personally because of the things they write about their life. You would also get to read about their thoughts on certain issues and gain some new infos. You’d follow their everyday stories, their ups and downs …. their happy and sad moments.

I sometimes feel like a peeping tom …

...until you feel like introducing yourself and make friends with them … or “her”

Monday, July 17, 2006


I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with my right eye. Went to the pharmacy to get some eyedrop.The Pharmacist gave me one and told me to use it three times daily.

I had this urge to ask him:-

"Sebelum makan ka .....lepas makan ..."

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What Is Your Authority ?

My Boss said hes having a problem with the staffs. To him the staffs rarely come to him to discuss about work.

"I am not a difficult person. I can accept people's opinion. If you think I am wrong, you could come and tell me"

I was silent for a few seconds.

"Its not that they do not want to come and discuss with you. Even if they think they are right, they could never come and face you because they do not have some backings to support their views. You know how the attitude of some of the Malays are. Lets just take for example if we talk about Hadith. Its very rare for the Malays to quote a Hadith together with the "rawi" (the sahabah who originally trasmitted the Hadith). Most of us would only say that "Rasulullah SAW said this and that". Its very rare that we can relay the whole of the Hadith together with the name of the persons who trasmitted it, let alone the background of the Hadith and the calssification of the Hadith whether its Sahih, Hassan or Dhaif etc. And if another person were to argue the authenticity of the Hadith quoted by some of the Malays, they'd be stunned because the Malays only know only the text of the Hadith, but even then, some do not even know the whole text of the Hadith, they only know the gist of it.

Those who are knowledged and well versed would be dissapointed. How can you have a discussion if you do not know what you re talking about and come unprepared without doing your homework.

The staff would not dare to come to you, because most of them do not want (or perhaps lazy)to do their homework and they would feel lost when talking to you because you would definitely ask them :

"Whats your authority ?" "

"Boss, I know this because I had on numerous ocassion discussed with you and I have learnt a lot not to come to you unprepraed and even then when I think I have prepared with all my ammunities, you could still shoot my point straight away without me taking out my "guns""

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Trainer

I am back at the gym.... for about a month now and this time I thought its about time I get a trainer, Liza. Shes the wife to an ex-Mr Malaysia Jeffrey. I like the couple, they have such a lovely husband and wife relationship. Both are so passionate about body building and they would always train together even though Liza can never get into a competition because women bodybuilding competition has long been banned in Malaysia but it never fails to make Liza go for her dream body. There was one time when she was training with the husband for a competition, following his diet and all that on the day of the competition some had mistaken her to be one of the competitors !

I have been going to the gym for about three years now with more absents on the last year. I ve known them ever since I joined the gym but never intended to get a trainer at that time. But Liza is nice and helpful and I had once followed Liza's advice on my diet of which I successfully dropped from 70kgs to 62kgs. I was at my best until I decided that I do better at eating ! And my body went back to being... errr quite heavy. As being put by a freind, "You re not fat.. you re just bigger" Whatever it means ..

When I approached Liza and Hub they asked me what kind of body do I want ...? Told them I wanted some muscles ! Liza then put up her MO for my body and even listed down a diet for me to follow. I have to admit I did cheat in my diet and Liza has been wondering why I have not looked the way I'm supposed to as per her schedule. She trains me well during the trainings and she really pushed me hard. Never would I lift those big bells had she not forced me to. And I tell you her system is really hard !

But its working now ... I can see some difference... I can feel some muscles and all I have to do now is concentrate on my diet to have the dream cutting because the muscles are already there and I only have to loose more of my fats...

Help me.....

More cardio please !