Friday, February 27, 2004

Election Fever

Election is just around the corner. Cant really tell whether I'm excited or not. Think I'm not THAT excited anymore, like I used to when I was in the campus. Its strange how people can change. Have I changed over these few years. I dont think so. Politically, I still have the same basic ideas about the government and even the oppositions. My ideas and thoughts are still the same but my anxiety of the whole things has faded off. 5-10 years ago, I wouldnt mind debating with the guy/girl next door about why religion and politic do go together and why it is important that we do our part in fighting-in-HIS way. I was a rebellious who wouldnt mind facing anyone who was against my ideas and thoughts. It used to be such a thrill to able to debate with supports from the verses and hadith ( even when I recklessly always forget the original text - only the gist of the meaning). I was full of idealism. The high spirit of a youth.

I am old now. Hahaha... not physically, but mentally. The idea of debating is exhaustive. I learn by years that its quite hard to change people's perceptions and ideas. You might as well have a lenghty discussion with those with the same ideas. I dont get mad or angry anymore when people disagree. I leave things as they are. I would usually keep quiet and just observe. Some of the things they talk now have been preached by me 10 years ago.

I want to resolve more on reading now. I dont read as much as I used to. My readings now are more on fitness. I used to have a very good discussion with cK on sufism, shiah and islamic history in general. We used to read a lot just to keep with each others' knowledge. Hmmm ... may be we should do it again some times.

To quote Kalim Siddique : " .. a muttaqin will never get involved in politics ..."

hmmmmm.... *sigh*

Monday, February 16, 2004

Valentine's Day is over rated. I have to agree with most people who still have some senses (or maybe who are still single and secretly wishing someone would send them 240 roses at the door on V day) that why do we have to wait for that particular day only to confess your love. But then... on the other hand, its not that we cant profess our undying love on any other day, but to make it special on that ONE day would make both of the couple happy, especially the girl who would think the man does not love her just because he doesnt bring her roses with a box of choclates and a cute teddy bear. How superficial.

Love is the little thing that he does to remind you of his love like ...

when he rings you in the middle of his busy day just because he wants to have a break by hearing your voice ...

when he brings you your favourite food whenever he comes back from work ..

when he sings a love song while driving in the car with you while looking at you hoping you catch the meaning of the song (even when his voice is terrible) ...

when he 'kutuk' or saying all the bad things he could find on Jamie Aditya Garaham and his programme Sync or Swim just because he knows how much you like the guy ...

and my all time favourite would be

when he stops the car to find a phone booth to continue the conversation when his hand phone is out of battery and hes in the middle of talking to you ....

Now that is LOVE !

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Watching the "American Idol", you can easily understand the superiority complex that the Americans have as opposed to most Asians who suffer inferiority complex. I'm not in the position to judge those people, but having superiority complex and high self confident can turn out quite bad.

Some of the voices were terrible, freaky and very weird .. and yet they claimed they CAN sing and believed they re the next "American Idol" !. I was rolling on the floor seing some of them fighting with Simon (especially)( gosh they hate Simon) and accusing the judges incapable of recognising talents.

Sick !

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Aku Bukan Pilihan
- Iwan Fals

Kini kumengungkap tanya
Siapakah dirinya ?
Yang mengaku kekasih itu
Aku tak bisa memahami

Ketika malam tiba
Ku rela kau berada
Dengan siapa kau melewatinya
Aku tak bisa memahami

Aku lelaki tak mungkin
Menerimamu bila
Ternyata kau mendua
Membuatku terluka
Tinggalkan saja diriku
Yang tak mungkin menunggu
Jangan pernah memilih
Aku bukan pilihan

Selalu terungkap tanya
Benarkah kini dia
Wanita yang kukenal hatinya
Aku tak bisa memahami

Tak perlu memilihku
Aku lelaki, bukan untuk dipilih

I fell in love right away with this song when I first heard it, so melodic with nice lyric and manly voice of Iwan .... What a song ! Get the song here.


Its been a while since I last blog, not that I was busy with my work, but I just feel like I dont have anything interesting to tell. Even when there are 'some' excitement, fascinating and good things that have happened, I just couldnt make myself sit and write, i think its just the private part of me and sometimes it can cause a bit of confussion because I really want to write and tell people but on the other hand I feel I should just keep them for myself.


Anyway, I will be going to Langkawi (finally) if God will, Insya Allah, next week. I've checked around, thru the internet and I think i can only afford a small budget vacation, which means no hotel with swimming pool, just a nice chalet or motel by the beach. In fact I've found this one motel where they have the rooms facing the beach costing only RM85; air cond with tv and one queen size bed. That sounds alright !!! I'm used to having vacation all by myself, but this time I just feel like I may need a company. The thing is not any company, a friend, who understands me and my crazy antics with the beach and the sea, independant and who can swim too. Hmmm... quite a wish as most of my friends are all married with small kids and those single ladies of mine are not into swimming. The only one i can think of is my Sis ......! But she cant make it. Hope to plan it well this time, and yes .. i want to venture more into the sea as there wont be any swimming pool. Body board is suffice i think, in exchange of surfing, as Langkawi sucks for surfing (hahahaha talking like a pro.. when I cant even stand on the board) :0