Monday, May 22, 2006

Life's Life

You cant have everything in life. There are things you have to have, things you have to go through, things you have to let go, things you will never have... and sometimes you wish you never had.

Allah is fair. Nobody, nobody can claim otherwise. You win some, you loose some. HE cant just give you everything. If its meant to be yours, noone can take it away. If its not, no matter how much you try to grab it, it will sooner slip from your hand.

A mother who has a lovely, caring, handsome and loyal husband but have two sons who are drug addicts.

A wife with obedient, dutiful children who cant sleep at night wondering who her husband is sleeping with tonight.

A husband who is caring, lovely, loyal and handsome suddenly discovers his wife having an affair with an office mate.

Husband and wife with a big house with swimming pool, dream cars, up going careers but no children to share their abundance.

Lovely husband and wife with wonderful children but sleepless at nights hoping they have enough to pay the house rent at the end of the month.

Husband with beautiful wife wonderful children, but with cancer and counting the days.

A woman with good career, a house and a nice car but single.

I wonder how many times do we count our blessings and thank HIM for helping us go through everyday life despite all the ups and downs wishing all the things we wish we had and the things we wish we never had.....

Life goes on.