Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Badang Kedah

I spent the afternoon last two days with Nora's students in their gym, the young and big weighlifters training for the coming SUKMA.

The upcoming star, Mohd Firdaus. A very promising athlete, young, determined, focussed, dedicated and handsome.

The Much Needed Break

When work is pressing me, when all other emotional stresses are putting me down and when I feel that I cannot take it anymore thats the time I really need to run away. Alone.

Time to find myself again. To reflect on the things I ve gone through and really focus on my feature ..... hahaha B*** S***. I just wanted to relax ease my mind

Hop onto the boat and head to any of the islands, take off my clothes for a swim.....

Finish my Sudoku.

And watch the sunset.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cycle Of Life

Your life revolves around a cycle. It’s the cycle of the same old routine. You can never get lost in your own cycle. Some people are so used to his/her routine that they are afraid of changes. Changing is taking chances. You don’t change unless you have the courage because by making changes you are going out of your own cycle. Instead of making an “O” figure routine, you may now take the “8” figure routine. In order for you to grow, you can never escape changes, you have to go every phases of your life that has been destined to you. But the choice is still in your hand. Like I ve said before in my previous entry, life is funny because your choice would eventually turn into your destiny. Sometimes people do not change their cycle pattern, they just jump into another routine only to find that they still end up in a cycle, only a different routine but still a cycle nevertheless.

The cycle only stops when the time comes. You leave your routine, you leave everything, leave everybody and you will now take a walk into eternity without really knowing where the journey will end. And this time the journey wont be in a cycle anymore. And at this moment of time you will suddenly realize that whatever you did before has no worth except things that relate you to HIM.

Anak Mak

"A face only a mother can love". I ve heard this phrase sometimes ago. The phrase refers to someone who is so ugly looking that nobody else could have loved him except his mother.

Mothers will always be the one to accept you for who you are. No matter how bad a person can be, the only person he/she can turn to will always be the mother. To certain extent mothers are always so defensive of their sons and daughters (sons - always the case) .

The son can do no wrong. If the son commits a crime and gets caught, you can bet the mother would always say that its the friends, not her son, her son is actually good and is still not bad, its the crowd hes into that made him did it.

I think thats where the ego of most parents stand. If you admit that your children are bad, you are admitting your failure in bringing them up. Its not easy for any parents to come to terms with their failure, because children after all is a trust by HIM for the parents to take care of, "the white sheets for you to decorate the design" . If your design is awful, its yours still and you can only envy of others who have turned their white sheets into beautful batik. Because the sheet is your own design, it is natural that only you will like it or keep it.

So when the son is a useless criminal lad, the only place he knows that will accept him, even reluctantly, is his mother's place. A father can dismiss a son, but not a mother ..... the son will always be his baby.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza and Dato' K

Now Siti is going to ger married to a young and hadsome Dato', nobody can say anything. If the Dato' is an old man, the whole nation would be judgmental and they would not hesitate to tell her off. Yes Malaysian can be very rude sometimes (and most of the times on the road).

A friend was telling me that since Siti is going to get married to a very rich man, she wouldnt need to do any single house chores because she can now have "Roberts" to help her.

(My friend was referring to one interview when Siti mentioned how busy she was and that shes not a "robert" when she actually intended to say 'robot')