Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Are Always Two Sides of The Story

Mak was at my house for one night and we were having breakfast together when she came up with that question again:-

Eshhh Akhil Hayy ni apa nak jadi..Dah la Ustad

Hmm.. Mak has been very concern with Akhil's recent matter. I can bet 100 per cent she is not the only one. It was not the first time she asked me that. A few days ago she asked me the same thing too. I told her I would have to wait for Akhil to call me first. Ha Ha Ha. (As if I am Waheeda).

It s not that I want to take sides. But I just cant understand why people love to jump into conclusion and make judgment by just listening to one side of the story. I just dont get it. I always believe that you have to give leeway for the other person to justify his actions or at least call for his defence. When only one person comes up and tells her/his story, you should only listen and not pass any judgment unless and until you hear the other person's side of the story. Just because one person is making all the noise it doesnt mean that she/he is right.

I always remember what Nada (ha ah Nada) said that some mothers always entertain their child who is louder. Just because one child has been pestering for the cookies, it doesnt mean that his quiet brother/sister doesnt want the cookies too.

We always tend to give favourable judgment to the one who is more vocal. Even when two children are playing and suddenly one of them comes to you crying, the first thing that will come to our mind is that his friend must have bullied or beaten him. But for all you know, the wailing kid was the one who started the fight. And just because he was in tears, it doesnt mean that he is innocent.

And with all the fuss over Akhil. Oh come on... its their marriage. He has the right not to divulge anything that he doesnt want to. Whatever the story between the three (?) of them, its only between them. Nobody really knows whats the real story behind anybody's marriage. What we see sometimes is only what they want you to see. Thats why its such a shock when a supposedly happy couple got separated beacuse a couple who hold hands in public do not necessarily cuddle in their bedroom.

And yes, a quiet child is always being taken for granted. And sometimes even an adult lady too .... ehemm.. aku kah... kah kah kah (its a laugh ok )

This is THREE sides of the story


Friday, May 22, 2009

Ni Yang Tak Suka Ni

 Bukan boleh ajak shopping. 
Balik rumah ja  terus panjat katil peluk bag ...

pura-pura tidur


Buhsan Tau

Alor Star pun dah jam la ni. Tension arrr ... lari dari KL kerja sini sebab tak mau terlekat dgn jam. Tengoklah mcm mana kayanya orang Alor Star la ni .. semua ada dah ada kereta.


I 'm Back

The only colorful things that should come from a blog are the blogger's thoughts and photos.

salahkah jika saya berkata demikian


Ohh Cerahnya Dunia

Eshhh baru lah terasa nak update blog bila dah tukar layout ni jadi putih....

luas sejuk saja mata memandang

Tak gitu Hadie, Yan ?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just When I Thought.....

"If only he were really smart"

I spoke too soon

The appeal is on ....

He had the chance to make it right and he blew it


Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing The Right Card

We knew it. We, cK and I, were just talking about it during lunch before the Court's decision. If N@jib were smart, he would allow the court to decide in favour of Niz@r; to redeem what they had done in Perak a few days ago. The decision puts everything in its place it seems ....

1. Nizar gets back his seat, smiling.

2. The opposition can claim that they are willing to follow the court's decision. 

3. At least for them its not that they chicken out and gave up the fight, but rather they are giving it away with pride by following the decision.

5. Ahhhh the Judiciary now can open up their chest to show that they re not favouring the BN

4. The Sultan is the happiest of them all .... 

Too bad Z@mbry had to be sacrificed and he would never ever be an MB ever again even if the opposition takes back the state.

No, BN wont get back Pen@nti .....

Ha Ha Ha