Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rumah Aku Ada Tukun

Semua orang dah tak tahan dengannya

Bila mereka datang ke rumah aku, mereka agak tertekan

Semua meminta aku menggantikannya

Masing-masing berharap aku memikirkannya dengan sebaik mungkin

Mak juga agak keberatan datang ke rumah aku lagi

Sepupu sepapat juga begitu

Mereka kata agak penat kalau ramai yang datang

Macam mana nak tengok Juara Lagu dengan best kalau TV sebesar ini :-

Mak cakap ianya layak dilempar ke laut

buat tukun

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bukan Semua Kagum Kalau Kamu Ada Gelaran

Memang betul sesetengah manusia akan selalu mengejar pangkat demi untuk merasa diri hebat. Mereka perlukan gelaran untuk mengangkat diri dan membuat diri merasa lebih daripada orang lain, walaupun sesetengah gelaran yang diperolehi tidak sedikit pun mengubah apa-apa dari "dalam" dirinya.

Ketahuilah tidak semua akan terpesona dengan gelaran yang kamu ada .... tidak semua menjunjung nilai yang kamu agungkan.

Gelaran yg kamu ada tidak sekali-kali membuatkan kamu lebih bijak pun ....


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Really Better ..?

I m wondering is it a good thing to look down at the person who has hurt you and make you angry; to feel sorry for him/her ... and to think that his/her life is such a sad world (like what I mentioned in my previous entry) ...

to look at him/her as someone beneath you ...

and by doing that you d feel more superior than that person ...

to feel like you re better than him/her ... ??

Is it really ok to have that feeling ?

I guess being angry and hurt by a person's actions towards you does give you the right to have that superiority feeling ... but only for that particular moment. This can help you feel better, calm you down a bit and not do something stupid and later regret it . But that "right" should not really last for long because if you keep holding on to that superiority feeling that you re always better than everybody else, all the time, you will then never be able to be humble ... you will never learn to be a better person ...

because you know what .... sometimes ... yes .. sometimes ... along those hurtful words that have wounded us ... there are some truths

and The Truth Always Hurts

Ouch ..


Monday, January 25, 2010

The "Roslan" Song

I was listening to an old Malay song by Search "Isabella" and I wondered would there ever be songs about guys ... you know like an all female group who would come up with song titles like:-




or even


I wonder what the lyrics would be like .....

"Roslan kau jejaka baik ...
kerjamu buat ibuku jatuh hati ..
tak ada yang akan menolakmu...
Oh Roslan ... Roslan.... Rossslaaannnnn"

Hmmm ....

"Zakaria" would be more difficult I guess .....


Some Things Are Just Not Worth It

Sometimes when a person hurts provokes or makes you angry .... you feel like telling him/her off .... your emotions are boiling and you want to hurt them back ... real bad. You want them to feel what you re feeling

but you know what .... some people do not need your retaliation to hurt them

when you look at them you will know that their life itself is a sad life .... there are many other things that have made them unhappy ... even without your hurtful words ... their life is already in a sorry state

take a deep breath ... walk off ... and think how you pity them ....


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dialog Yang Tak Layak

He was telling her the history of the King of Th*iland, with full excitement

"at one point the previous king had no heir"

dumbfounded, she thought

"hmm ... hmm raja thai tak ada "angin" .... what is the connection between the king and the wind ? ... he must have meant "angin" as to "aura"...."

so she asked him " why the angin...?"

baffled at her stupidity

" raja tu tak rajin kentut !!!"


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pinocchio Hindustan

"I tak penah cakap bohong tau"

"I selalu cakap yang benar belaka"

"I tak boleh cakap bohong, macam Pinocchio tu"

"ha ah ... patut la hidung you tinggi mcm Hindustan kan ?"


Glow In The Dark Woahhh

Malam ni ada orang nak datang rumah aku

nak datang dengan gf nak tengok2 barang aku

sama ada aku nak jual ka tak ...

siap tanya brand apa barang aku tu

cewahhhhh ... lagi mau tanya

dia tak tau

"Spalding Glow In The Dark" pun aku ada woooooaaa

hmmm ... nampaknya basketball aku hanya akan tinggal 4 biji saja lagi


Jitra dan Bikini

I have re activated my membership at the club

for RM40 a month ... it s really worth the money

the gym is small ... I can still use the treadmill .. but not the bikes ...

a few other equipments should be enough to re instill my bicep muscles (uhuks)

and oh the pool .... i just love the pool

not too big and not too small

last few nights I was there ... for the swim

i was alone .... i had the pool all to myself

i was really alone .. even the staffs were hardly to be seen

i swam with caution ... all the ghosts from the Shutter, Phobia 1 & 2, My Ex and the Dorm .. ehh not the Dorm (the ghost boy is too cute to be a ghost) kept appearing in my head

suddenly it hit me ..... I knew why the pool was empty

"Rasanya orang Jitra tak reti pakai bikini"


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Run Ann Run

i cant wait for my next get away trip .....


harap sempat kurus

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Run Forest Run

balik hampir tengah malam semalam ...

tengok jiran dah angkut semua barang atas lori
pindah rumah

i suddenly realize
people are running away from me


padan muka aku

Friday, January 08, 2010

Isnt It A Mystery ?

I got up from bed suddenly in the middle of the night deep in thought wondering 

Why all of the sudden the Home Ministry decided to put the restriction 
to The Weekly Herald before granting them the license 
when the magazine has been in existence since 1994.?

Why suddenly that the Ministry is all Islamist? 

We all know that the word has been used by them ever since long ago but since religion is a very personal matter .. and if you were to ask a Muslim Mukmin  he would of course say "No" .. Allah should be exclusively used by the Muslims.

The Ministry has suddenly switched the religious sensitivity of both the Christians and Muslims when they prick the very core of the Muslim belief and fanning the situation claiming as if NOW the Christians demand to use the word when they .. the Ministry has been granting the license all these years to The Weekly Herald without any qualms.

I know you know that the Christians do use the word of Allah to refer to their God .. but if you ask any Muslim Mukmin .. IS IT THE SAME ALLAH .... ? of the course the answer is NO

We would never interfere of course if the Christians still insist using the word Allah .. but for me to say its the same Allah I pray to ... well I m sorry I will never do that.

and the Judge was right in saying that the Constitution is silent on the exclusivity of the word Allah to be used ONLY by the Muslims ... (thus leading to his decision)

hmm.. but of course she is right to fall back on the constitution because the constitution is the "supreme  law of the Federation" and that alone is a proof that we are never in the first place an Islamic country

I am in no way want to stir or fight with my fellow Christians ..  but I am sorry that I will never say that its alright for them to use and that the Allah they refer to IS NOT Allah that I believe and hold on to .... its a very personal matter

... I blame it on the Home Ministry to why suddenly rock the boat with the issue ...

I seriously wonder "Why now ....................... ???" Is it a provocation ?

* I m not surprise if one day the government will suddenly shout " Ni .. Kristian dok kata Isa anak tuhan nih...." just to provoke the Muslims ... again...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Fight For The Use Of "The Word"

I know that there are two views on this matter ..

1. those who dont mind ; and

2. those who are against it.

my main stand is that even if you dont mind the Christians using the word Allah, I am sure you should know by now that they are capable of arguing and debating their so called right ON THEIR OWN.

Why should we the MUSLIMS go all out supporting them
even at the expense of our relationship with our Muslim Brothers and Sister ?

Why oh Why ... ???

Looks like the Christians need not do anything .. they can just sit and relax and let their "Muslims brother(s)" fight for them and help them out ....

I know .. at first I had the same idea too .. what the fuss is all about for the Christians to use the word Allah to refer to the same Allah .. but hey ... after some thoughts I realise when they refer to what we (Muslims) perceive as the same Allah ... its actually NO !. They cant be referring to the same Allah because the Allah that they are referring too .. is Allah who they claimed to have a son !!!!

We all know that from the beginning the Christians and the Jews have been using the word Allah longgggg before the coming of Islam .. but when Rasulullah SAW came ... Allah had clearly announced that the ONLY religion for HIM is Islam (Inna ad deen i'nda Allah al Islam) and that HE clearly said that what they the Christians are saying are all lies .... about him having a son and all ...

since the Christians and the Jews opted out Islam ... it is my opinion that they have no right to refer Allah as the same Allah that they believed is their GOD, because Allah had denounced them ...

and how we the Muslims could let them DEMAND to use the word Allah when we know how Allah himself had refused them ..

its common sense

I know the debate between Islam and Christianity would never come to an end. Whatever their arguments are on this matter we should just let them be .. because we the Muslims know that the only guidance can only come from HIM, not us .. no matter how much we love them

"inna ka la tahdi man ahbabta"
just let them be
"lakum deenu kum wa liya deen"

Muslims .... who are for the Christians to use the word Allah should really re asses again your view .. how come you can support the people whom your LOVED ONE denies !!!???


let them fight this matter on their own ...

we the Muslims have enough other issues to fight among ourselves

*Ok I know many hate that political party who suddenly are on the streets to show their anger .. I guess thats the only issues they feel they can champion the Malay Muslims for their so called Ketuanan Melayu .. its never about Islam in the first place. Had it been about Islam they must have been camping in the streets to protest since 1951 ......

I M Sorry


you will forever be stuck in the rut

if you dont sort out your issues


Monday, January 04, 2010


Putih the outside cat peed on the guest room bed.

Dont worry Yan and Blue and Lin .. or sweet Aliza .. its taken care of at the nick of time .... it hasnt sipped into the bed .. saved by the cover ... I guarantee that you all wont smell a thing when you come and visit me next time ..

I dont feel bad about the peeing issue. I also dont feel bad anymore about many inner issues that I ve been facing .... Alhamdulillah

I omitted part of this entry to make way for you to read an article by our Brother Faisal Tehrani in his blog regarding the issue ....

Astaghfirullahal Adzim ... Semoga Allah mengampuni kiranya saya telah tersalah dan semoga DIA tunjukkan jalan yang benar untuk kita semua


Selamat Tahun Baru

I was once being told that my life is divided into phases of six years range … I didnt want to believe that, but then all good predictions are believable. We just dont want to believe the bad ones.

I ve been writing in this blog for more or less SIX years and I really felt like I needed to move on to another blog , to have a fresh start, to have that excitement of having something new .. (dont we all love new things ?!)

but there are things in life when you cannot just get up and leave and move .. even when you dont like it .. or cant even stand it ... haha like family of course and like marriage too. You dont just get out when things are not up to it .. you just stay and try to hold on .. unless when its too exhaustive and too hurtful .. then only you ll have to let it go .. (but you still cant do it with families anyways)

many things happened around those six years ... and of course not all were jotted down here .. some things have changed .. some are still the same ... but the year 2009 must be one of the toughest for me .. emotionally .. I had issues to sort out .. decisions to make .. it wasnt easy and I was so down and felt so low .... but you know what .. Alhamdulillah .. I survive !

i learned how to put my two feet down and i also learned how to handle the consequences that came along with the decisions ... it saddened me but every once in a while we all have to come to that point of making choices in life ...

I may have let go a few things last year ... but after some serious thoughts i dont think i will be able to let go of this blog ... i want to have another may be six, maybe seven or even ten years of wonderful journey and lots of new and colorful adventures too (insyaAllah) with this blog and may I spend more time here than in the Facebook

I have to stop saying to myself that I m getting older as to have a joke with me today .... Allah sent me this wonderful 84 years old American lady who is amazingly fit and strong .. with a camera in hand (Canon 350 mind you) ... who has a name card with email address ... having a good time WALKING in alor star ..

I told here I wanted to be like her when I m 84 (insyaAllah) ...