Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Siti Can Sing But Not Like Salamiah Hassan

I watched Akademi Fantasia Concert #6 where one of the invited critics was Hetty Koes Endang. I enjoyed everything that she had to say that evening, with such passion and love for singing. At one point she couldnt help it from singing herself just to prove her point. Her voice was strong and outstanding. But I hate it that everytime she opened up her mouth Aznil would interframe to cut her comments short. Why couldnt they just let her have the time as much as she wanted. We d rather listen to her than Aznil's and/or Kudsia's ramblings. Its not everyday we can gain knowledge from someone like Hetty.

Not all singers can sing like Hetty and Salamiah Hassan. Sorry I can only name them as I've heard both of them live. I even had the chance to compare Salamiah to Siti Nurhaliza when both were singing at the same ocassion. Siti can sing but not like Salamiah. Salamiah's voice is stronger and full of passion like the Negros. Sitis' on the other hand is soft and ...well ..... I dont know how to describe it, but when you listen to both of them you can sense the difference, Siti lacks of something that Salamiah has. Power that is. Even when they sang together, I could hear that Siti's voice was being drowned by Salamiahs'.

And yes, Mas of Akademi Fantasia 2: I dont think she can go far. She needs a lot of adjustment to do, her way of thinking, her attitudes. Her inferiority is blocking her way and her ego refuses to give in. After being in the Akademi for seven weeks, she's a dissapointment to all especially the trainers. Its not what you achieve is important, its the effort you put in to reach that achievment. People can sympathy if you shed tears once in a while, but to wail and cry like a baby every little emotional moments is way too much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The New Diet Was Killing Me

Low Carb-High Protein Diet is not for me. Its crazy and I was weak for almost two weeks. The craving for carb was crazy ! Even when I had just finished some fishes and chickens, my stomach still wanted more. My brain did not translate my protein meals as filling. I am a carbo addict of which theres a malfunctioning of the brain in releasing a chemical called serotonin to stop me from continuing eating.I have to go back to the old diet then, Low-Fat, which I think suit us Asians more as we will all die if we were to skip the rice .......

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Malaysian Idol

Watching the show, I begin to realize, its not only Americans like I said in my previous comment on American Idol (with their superiority complex and all), it actually goes to the core of human being, believing in ourselves with our capabilities and our own-right talents. Its something what all the motivators used to say; The pride and the faith you have in yourself, nobody can take that away, not even Simon, Roslan or Paul or anybody.

I have to salute the people in those reality shows, to be able to come up and sing, not only in front of the judges but the camera as well for all the world to see and critic. You can critic and all about those 'wrong pitching' singing lads, but deep down you have to admit that theres a certain admiration for them. The out-of-tuned singers actually provide you with some sort of certain assurance in yourself, that you dont have to be perfect. Thats what makes William Hung a star, I believe. A star for those who are in the shell secretly wanting to sing out loud, but not having enough courange to do so. Hes the hero for most of us, because we are all not Fantasia Barrino !