Friday, April 02, 2010


To certain extend in my line of profession - we are not supposed to make a mistake.

People make mistakes ... all the time. But my stand is that we are only given a leeway for at least ONE mistake and that we should learn from the mistake and move on without repeating the same mistake. In order to progress and in order to have zero defect you have to have made some mistakes along the way because with any mistakes discovered, you can now know how to manage and control better.

We should never be stressed out and expect everything to be perfect because to err is human , its inevitable, even in my line of work. But the most important thing is how do we manage the mistake made. The attitude must be in place, feeling regret and sorry are as important as finding ways to overcome the mistake. You cant run away from your mistake. You have to face it and amend it as soon as possible and the best that you can.

My boss does not seem to agree but then of course you cant expect everybody to agree with you. Suffice if we could agree to disagree. But I think he made a mistake there to be so stressed out.