Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kenapa Mak Pengsan

"Kak Ann, Along beli kasut kat adik. Kasut Converse warna merah !!! "

"Hah.. ya ka....."

"Ya ! Kak Ann mailah tengok. Kak Ann mai tau sat gi. Adik nak tunjuk kat Kak Ann!"

"Hmm... tengok dulu"

I was very disturbed when told by Adik that her Along had bought her Converse shoe, the sneakers I had been promising Adik to buy. Actually, its been me all this while who likes the sneakers. And Adik, being 'my gang', would always want to look like me. I had even bought her a pair of sneaker of different brand before. We couldnt find Converse at her size at that time.. well its more like it was out of my budget (since I was buying other two pairs for Iman and Izz).

And so I had been telling the girls that whoever can get up to Number 5 in their class exam, would be getting the original Converse sneakers.

But when Adik told me that Along had already bought her the sneakers, I was really down. I wanted it so badly to be the one who buys her the sneakers some day. I had made known to almost everybody that I would be buying it. And so when Adik told me that Along had bought it, I even had this evil thought that perhaps Along was envious of my relationship with Adik and that she did that to spite me. I was upset and angry. I felt like I didnt want to talk with Along anymore. It was of course so immature and childish of me. Adik is after all Along's little sister. Why in the world should anything stop her from buying anything for her sister ?

I knew I had to go and see the sneakers because Adik had been pestering me to. No matter how much it was going to hurt me, I knew I had to swallow everything and be happy for her.

When I reached their house Adik was having a bath and Along was at the door greeting me. I looked at her and felt the sadness and anger at the same time. I didnt feel like talking to her but the angel inside of me kept telling me how immature that would be. So best as I could, I smiled and pretended nothing happened went in greeting my Uncle and Aunt and all.

I was on the way for something else when I stopped by at their house. I told the family I couldnt be long.

"Adik.. Kak Ann nak ajak Adik keluar nih.. jomla teman Kak Ann sat"

"Kak Ann. nak tengok kasut Adik dak..??"

"Ya lahh... mana kasut Adik tu..? Kak Ann siap bawa kamera nih nak amik gambar Adik dengan Converse baru tu..."

I went outside while waiting for Adik to come out with the sneakers.

"Kak Ann .... tengok ni kasut Adik....."

Adik came out with the Red Converse Sneakers KEYCHAIN hanging on her jeans pocket.

*mak pengsan*

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Challenging At 3Os

"Are you sure you want this ?"


"Its for three years and above"


The Justification:

"... but its fun... you have to use a little bit of ur brain u know ..
its not even easy"


That was not a conversation with my little cousins.
Its my conversation with cK.
I was the one "Nodding"

How could I resist the Challenger at RM15 when the original was RM56-00

Monday, March 12, 2007

PoPo Pulun

Ahhh finally I get to eat something different. No Kibbles for dinner .. Yeahhhhh !!!

** Mak Mertua lalu pun tak nampak nih....
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Friday, March 09, 2007


cK told me the reason the Malays will never progress is because most of us are sort of retarded because most of us were born out of "incest".

"Yes, its true you know, because most Malay wives call their husbands "Abang" which is "Big Brother" .. so their children are their "Son/Daughter" and "Nieces/Nephews" as well "

I think he must have been stressed out these days ....................... I'm really worried !

I Gym

Ok. Its time I hit the gym again. Had a talk wih Liza last night, and she went on and on and on about the last time I trained under her ... she accused me of cheating my diet !! Oh how could she ! How could she said something like that !

(Like she didnt know where all the muscles were supposed to shine)

And I told her , this time I want to look like this :-

I Believe I Can Blog

I am not going to write about something that should be personal to me.

Hmm...... but blogging is all about being personal, a place you call your own when your friends dont have time to listen to you, when 'Marie Claire' wont publish your comments, or when 'Mingguan Wanita' has published the same story as yours, when 'New Straits Time' only can afford to entertain people like Amir Muhammad and 'The Star' with its Huzir Sulaiman.

Oh well we bloggers believe that all of us can write, that theres some special talent inside of us to be able to tell stories .. at least ours.

The belief inside each and everyone of us that we can write, I feel, is like those who came to sing in front of Simon, Paula and Randy, believing they all have the voice for it.........