Monday, November 24, 2008

Abah and Cik Zah

Anis called me this morning complaining about Abah again. Mak and Abah have been staying at Anis' place for more than a few weeks already. Not that Anis doesnt like them hanging around at her place (how can she with all the home cooked foods coming from Mak), but what she cant stand is the way Abah is treating Mak.

You see Abah loves Mak dearly but he can be so helpless when Mak is around. It seems that he can never do a single thing on his own. He always have Mak on his call.

Cik Zah, mana butang baju saya

Cik Zah Cik Zah macam mana nak buat ni ?

Cik Zah Cik Zah saya cari tak jumpa pun

Yes, Abah can never find ANYTHING in the house. And to some extend he can never DO anything too! Mak would always do EVERYTHING for him. From preparing his everyday shirts and pants, his "baju sembahyang", his socks, his towels, his everything. We grew up seeing all that and we all thought its NORMAL.

Hmm... but now since they are both getting older, we feel sympathy towards Mak. Anis especially can be very vocal with Abah. So whenever she hears Abah calling Mak for help, she wouldnt hesitate to snap Abah

Abah cuba lah buat sendiri !

Like this morning said Anis, Mak had prepared his bread for breakfast and all he got to do was put the bread in the toaster, and that too he couldnt do. Anis said she just couldnt take it. And Mak according to Anis, although at times complains about Abah, always gives in to his helplessness.

I told Anis, maybe thats what their relationship is all about. Perhaps thats Abah's way of being 'manja' with Mak and perhaps Mak deep down inside, enjoys that too. The feeling of being needed by the husband. Its like their own way of communicating their love to each other. And maybe we should never interfer that.

Alas, I think we all have our on ways of sustaining a relationship. Theres no standardize means and everybody would only be comfortable with their own routines. Be it by way of helplessness or bossy or bickering or whatever ... as long as both know they love each other despite the flaws.

After all, nobody's perfect.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aku Mahu Jadi Photographer Yang Bagus

tapi kata Noora aku nih selalu

hangat-hangat tahi ayam

dan kata cK

hot hot chicken shit

Its Not Easy To Do Good Sometimes

When you want to help another person, you just have to also accept the baggage that can come with the help. It's not easy you know sometimes to do good, to be 'ikhlas'. Because 'ikhlas' is something unseen, nobody can know whether you re being 'ikhlas' or not.

A friend is being charitable with this one poor family, a single mother with a few children. This friend of mine decided one day to donate some money to the family. She even went to the extend of going to the house to have a look at their living condition. It was quite an uneasy visit when the single mother's mother pestered my friend for more money. My friend even bought them a bicycle for the son to go to school. When her daughter was going to get married, the single mother came to my friend's office to borrow some money for the wedding. My friend was hesitant but relented so as not to disappoint one's hope and wish. The single mother even promised to pay back the money once her daughter gets a job. To this day my friend has not seen the money.

So you think the single mother would back off a bit for not paying the money. No, she called my friend every month as if demanding for her salary. My friend was starting to get annoyed and irritated. It is hard to be 'ikhlas' when you re being harassed like that. But I guess thats the way Allah determins your sincerity in doing good. Its like a test Allah puts to see whether you really mean what you say or what you intend to do.

So as to minimize her annoyance of being disturbed every month, my friend now asks from the single mother to open up an account so that she can put the money in the bank. She gave some money and asked the lady to go straight to the bank to open an account and come back with a photocopy of the bank's account book. The lady went off and never came back until a month later.

She gave the photocopy of the account book and within an hour later ringed my friend asked her "Bila nak masuk duit nih, kak dah pi tengok kat bank, duit tak masuk lagi pun"

So how...????

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Malam Ini Dari Opera Mini

Bila kita mahu berenang
Swimming pool tutup

Bila kita mahu berbasikal
Kawan-kawan kita kata malam esok

Bila kita mahu berlari
Kita rasa tak sedap di perut

...Jadi kita pakai baju renang dgn helmet basikal dan sarung kaki .... Kita buat semuanya di atas katil kita sendiri........

*Andeh.... Bukan saya saja yang gila*


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


MOOD pun macam IMAN

ada turun naik


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Popo DiTangkap Khalwat

Mentang-mentang lah hensem

Apa kurangnya saya ?
Kenapa masih mempertahankan dia ?

Adakah cara dia ramas perut lebih best...???

Ini lah gambar-gambar Popo yang 'orang ketiga' tu kasi
sebagai bukti skandal mereka ketika ketiadaan aku......