Wednesday, December 30, 2009


how ..?


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time To Say Goodbye (Is It ..?)

I feel sad to leave this blog ... should i still keep it ..?

or should I just do all the packing and make a move ...

the new home is still under construction.. not that i m having my own domain .. it s just a change to a new host ..

maybe there are times in life when you really have to make a choice .. not necessarily for something better ... but for something new ...

i may still keep this one ..

we ll see

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Is Only Your Shadow. Not You

You can never or you should never judge a person or anything by just looking at their shadows.

and i truly believe that just about anything that reflects us , be it in the form of writing, oral or pictures or  anything and everything that is NOT the real us per se  .. are our shadows

and the thing about shadow is that it really does not represent the real us .. it can be long and short depending on where the lighting is .. and at only one particular time and at the right angle can it be just at  about the right identical shape of us .. and yet its still not us, its still only our shadow ...

anything that is virtual too must be a shadow ...

what you read and see here are only my shadows ...

and i know whatever you write in your blog or in your FB are not necessarily the exact YOU


Friday, December 18, 2009

I Got A(nother) NoteBook

its crazy ... i have this fixation over plain/blank/sketch book ... 

but the thing is i would only get excited over the first few pages of notes or doodles or sketches and later drool over a new one ....

i ve been eyeing and dying to get a moleskin .. but i m so afraid it would end up like all the others .. in my drawer... under the bed ... at the office .. under all the papers, magazines and books

errr ...actually i did buy one last year ... its in my makeup drawer

I do not deserve a moleskin 

I m just not good enough for one 

.... just yet ! 


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I ve been writing in this blog since 2003. Its been quite long I must say, even if the entries are not that many ... I should have written more than 2000 entries .. for say at least one per day. But then I m not really a good writer and I dont have that many things to share in this blog. Maybe because I am a private person or you can say I am shy (ok laugh all you want Motien).

So, in the spirit of this coming new year, I am thinking of shifting to a new fresher layout with new name and new contents for my blog. I dont think PrettyFit suits me .. I m thinking of a name with a serious note like, say "Lady Gaga" hmmm

Anyways .. i still have about a couple of weeks to think of a new layout and the new name. Maybe I should juat have like an anonymous blog where i can rant and ramble and ohh la la without anybody knowing me.

I should seriously think of a new direction of my blogging.

I want something fresh new and more ME, but not necessarilly the personal life of me but more on something I treasure and like and enjoy.

Till then .. those who know me .. you know where to find me