Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ma's Salamah Saddam - Good Bye Saddam

Nora and I were surfing last nite when we came to know about Saddam's execution. At first, we both did not really know how to describe our feelings. Reading about Saddam's last moment, I could say, theres a tinge of sadness actually, not that we really like him but I supposed its because Saddam for whatever he had done to Iraqis, had actually stood up against America and I think we ought to give him some credits for that. The sadness Nora and I felt must be due to the fact that Saddam was a Muslim and that he had been handed over by the America, with all their plots and plans to eliminate him, to be executed. Nora said that may be if he had been killed by any other Muslims, we wouldnt be feeling this way; sad, disturbed, uncomfortable, wary. I dont think theres really any relieved or satisfaction in those feelings because we re not Iraqis who had been under Saddam's tyranny.

And I guess, there is sadness somewhere in every Muslims because being Muslims, theres still a bonding feeling somewhere among us especially when it comes to matters involving Muslims vs Non-Muslims, even in Saddam's case.

Friday, December 22, 2006

To Neuter Or Not To Neuter

That is the question.

Popo is becoming more and more active as the day goes by although hes still a quiet boy. He loves to play with his toys and sometimes when I'm not playing with him, he would be jumping here and there as if hes playing with an imaginary friend. I'm a bit worried whenever he plays with his 'friend'; he would be jumping in his litter box and suddenly rushed off running to the kitchen, or hide under the table or under my wardrobe as if hes seen a ghost. And his game with me now involves bitting my hand and my toes. I know its a sign of affection and that he just wants to play with me but his bites are still painful nevertheless.

Since hes heading towards puberty, I'm now considering whether to neuter him or not. My personal preference is to neuter him while hes still a kitten. A male cat who has been neutered would be less aggressive and less likely to spray his urine all around the house. Moreover, I am more concern when the time comes he needs to go out and find a girlfriend (during mating season) and I'm sure I wouldnt know how to handle him when hes on heat and starts to scratch and kick the door to go out.

How would my baby boy survive the outside world with all the other street cats who own the neighbourhood. Popo would surely have to fight them to get their girls or else he would have to venture further outside the neighbourhood in search of a mate to fulfill his passion (hmmmm...). My father's cat, Saddam (yes his real name) was having the same problem, he would be roaming the streets and started to fight with other cats almost everyday. Being a Saddam that he was, he would still be coming back home with all the bald patches here and there, wounded, scratched and bled sometimes.

I dont want Popo to go through the same ordeal. .

The reason I was having doubt was because I was afraid that he might loose a bit of his masculinity and that the 'housemates' would be coming back and worse still if they start to befriend him. But well, after some reading from the internet, I think the pros of neutering far outweighs the cons.

I think I'm going to go for it !

Source :

You Love Somebobody Because You Love Him

You dont need to justify the feelings you have for him, nor do you need to justify his love for you. I truly believe in "Love is what you give and not what you expect to receive" and if the person returns your love, oh what a bonus!. If he really loves you, he loves you; period.

But some people find it hard to accept that the person he/she is in love with is returning his/her love. In this world of searching for love it all depends on your luck. It if its meant to be, its meant to, if it its not, then its not. Many of us have experienced the broken heart of love being rejected, and many of us too had in our past found it hard to love the person who was falling head over heels with us. Thats just the way the world works; some guys have all the luck and some guys just have to make do with what they have (and try to feel lucky having them).

And the funny thing about us mortal being is that when the other person really loves you in return, you make it hard on you. You start to have all sorts of crazy ideas about why does this person love you too? And if you re one with emotional baggage with inferiority complex issue who thinks himself as someone not worth of being loved, things can sometimes be very very difficult for both the person and his love object. The other person would have to be the one to work hard on loving him and show that he is truly worth of love.

Sometimes, when the other person loves you, and because you love him too, you will try to eliminate any other unwanted reasons and justifications for that person returning your love. This is where you start to play some little games of questions hoping that person would diminish the assumptions you create. Like when cK called me and I knew its beacuse he missed me; but women being women you want the man to profess his feelings; to say them in words (Men are From Mars; Women From Venus - John Gray) . So I started to ask him why was he calling me ... and I further added my own answer that he called me because it has become his routine. Little did I know that it hurt him because to him, he called me for the obvious reasons; he loves me, he misses me and he just wants to hear my voice. And my reason for the false accusation was because I wanted him to say that in words, and not just let me play with my own assumptions even though I have known the fact.

It has been more than 7 years now, but I still wonder what is it about me that he loves me, may be its because by chance since we re in the same district, maybe he hasnt met the other beautiful girl, may be I'm just his alternative until the right girl comes along for him. I still can picture myself seeing cK looking at me with love and I just stood there searching for any other person in the room, thinking that he might be making a mistake here and finally pointing the finger at myself "Who...Me..???"

And even if cK questions about my love, I think its up to me to prove my love for him; instead of being hurt (yes it can be hurtful) only time and all my efforts and determinations will be the jury of my true feelings.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Should Have Stayed Being Silent

Silence is the best answer to many a question


Tongue is a beast, if it is let loose, it devours.

Imam Ali AS - Nahjul Balaghah

How true and how wise when one chooses to be silent, rather than uttering words that are of no value, worthless, inconsiderate and to some degree hurtful to others.

I should have stayed silent for a very very long time.

A Great Silence overcomes me,
and I wonder why I ever thought
to use language.

Jalaluddin Rumi

p/s: Maaf ..........

Monday, December 18, 2006

Kampung Boy - A Hit in USA

December 14, 2006


Malaysian cartoonist Lat is no stranger to awards and recognition — they've been raining down on him for many years, mostly in Southeast Asia...

Here now some award news from the USA, not one, not two, but three marks of distinction have just been bestowed on KAMPUNG BOY!

Kampung Boy has been named an Outstanding International Book for 2007 by the United States Board of Books for Young People and the Children's Book Council. A list of this year's Outstanding International Books will appear in the February issue of School Library Journal, and the books will be promoted by the USBBY and the CBC at meetings and conventions throughout the year.

Kampung Boy has been named to the Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books Blue Ribbon List for 2006--their best books of the year. It will appear in the January edition of the Bulletin.

Kampung Boy has been chosen a Booklist Editor's Choice for 2006.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cinta Lelaki : Untuk Adik Lelakiku

Aku percaya cinta itu adalah satu rasa yang dicampak oleh Pencipta untuk mengembirakan hidup kita, dan juga menguji serta ada kalanya memakan dan menyiksa hati kita. Cinta sangat penuh dengan keajaiban. Hatta akal sekalipun tidak dapat menewaskan cinta. Akal seringkalinya kalah kepada cinta. Hanya akal yang beriman yang boleh mengawal cinta yang seringnya bersalut nafsu.

Cinta pertama seorang lelaki seringnya menjadikan mereka seperti betul-betul buta. Cinta pertama seorang lelaki juga bersifat begitu naif dan berseri dengan jujur. Cinta pertama seorang lelaki sering dapat dihidu oleh wanita yang dicinta, dan dengan cinta yang dipegang oleh wanita itu ianya seperti satu senjata yang amat berkuasa . Wanita yang baik akan menggunakan senjata itu dengan penuh bijaksana untuk kebaikan kedua-dua pihak terutama jika dia juga amat mencintai lelaki itu, tetapi malang sekalilah lelaki yang cintanya dipegang oleh wanita yang tidak jujur, berhati hitam yang boleh menghidu bau emas sejauh seribu jarak. Senjata yang dipegang akan digunakan hanya untuk kepentingan dirinya. Namun lelaki yang sedang mengalami cinta pertama tidak akan dapat membezakan antara dua jenis wanita ini.

Lelaki mencintai wanita cinta pertamanya berlandaskan kepada banyak sebab utama, tapi pilihan teratas seringnya jatuh kepada kecantikan luaran wanita tersebut, walau kecantikan itu sangatlah bersifat subjektif. Cinta pertama seorang lelaki tidak berlaku sewaktu umurnya 30 tahun, dan oleh kerana ianya sering berlaku pada umur yang sangat muda, lelaki masih terlalu awal untuk benar-benar mengenal. Wanita hanya dilihat dari sifat lahiriah yang luaran sedang hati budi dan sifat sejati dalaman wanita masih begitu kabur di pandangan mata muda mereka. Cinta yang diberi akan sepenuh hati mengharapkan satu akhiran yang halal yang membahagiakan.

Namun tak semua cinta pertama akan berakhir dengan "mereka hidup bahagia selama-lamanya". Wanita yang tidak menghargai cinta pertama seorang lelaki kadang mengambil kesempatan di atas ke'naif'an lelaki mereka. Jika wanita tersebut belum saja lagi begitu membalas cinta itu sepenuhnya, masih ada keinginan hatinya untuk melihat padang lain yang mungkin lebih hijau pada firasatnya yang lugu itu. Berlaku lah sedikit kecurangan yang kemudiannya akan betul-betul menghancurkan hati lelaki mereka. Ya, lelaki boleh menangis atas kelukaan yang dihadapi saat cinta pertama. Air mata itu lah yang akan seterusnya menjadi dendam kepada wanita-wanita yang akan hadir di kemudian hari di dalam hidup mereka sehinggalah mereka bertemu pula dengan cinta sejati. Hanya cinta sejati yang akan melembutkan hati keras lelaki yang telah dirosakkan oleh cinta pertama mereka.

Sebagai manusia kita sentiasa mengharapkan perjalanan yang penuh dengan bunga-bungaan dan bauan yang harum, namun perjalanan hidup yang sebegitu tidak akan dapat mematangkan kita. Pelayaran hidup yang tidak beralun dan berombak akan membuatkan kita terbuai layu. Jika cinta pertama kamu berjaya, Alahmdulillah, pasti akan ada lagi di dalam perjalanan hidup ini yang akan menanti kamu untuk mengajar kamu sesuatu tentang hidup. Dengan wanita yang bersama kamu sekarang, masih banyak yang akan membuatkan kamu terus belajar mengenali wanita pertama yang kamu cintai itu. Teruslah mencintainya dengan seadanya dia, yang juga seperti kamu masih belajar tentang kamu dan juga hidup ini. Maafkan lah atas ketidasempurnaan dia kerana kamu juga tidak sempurna.

Namun, tak semua lelaki juga akan kekal dengan cinta pertama dan cinta sejati kerana yang aku diberitahu lelaki boleh sahaja akan bertemu cinta sejati kedua, ketiga dan seterusnya ke empat.

I once heard : "Men are born polygamous". But not all men .......... of course.

Adikku, if you belong to the former, hmmmm... I'll blog about that when you come to that point insya Allah ... LOL


Ok. I may sound like another single-pathetic-woman-with-cats-around-the-house. But I do have a cat now, Popo. The reason being, it is my last resort to calm down the 'housemates' who were roaming my house like kings.

My knowledge about cats is very limited, but one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a male cat (no I'm not being sexist.. I believe any female felines would be able to scare the housemate just the same). Popo was not a healthy cat when I found him, being a kitten and living with the other ferocious street cats, he must have been bullied. Even some of its whiskers I believed had been cut by some stupid punk kids. It must have been a very tough world for him.

I took him to the vet few times already for the basic vaccins. The first few days when hes with me I was sick and and I must have trasmitted some of my fever to him. As the result he was also sick and had to be taken to the vet again. I was actually worried when he was sick. I couldnt sleep worrying about him.

Hes one happy healthy kitten now who likes to snuggle my feet. I bought him some toys, scratch pad, vitamine paste (it does look like a toothpaste, only its black with tuna falavour) and I must have spoilt him a bit with good food.

Duh.... I dont want to go on and on about Popo. I must admit I talk a lot about him these days....

When I told Nora that cK must have been tired hearing about Popo; Nora said .... in a very low tone voice "Ohh... hes not the only one...."

OK , OK I heard ya !!!!

ps: Oh ya the Kings of the house seem not that bold anymore ........

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Popo The Quiet Predator

I finally decided that I should be getting myself a new housemate of my choice to scare away the housemates not of my choosing.

I found him at the wet market in town. He was sitting all by himself and looked so quiet.
He is quiet alright for I hardly hear him 'meowing' except during the ride home in the car.

"What should I call him ?"

"Mat Odongo"

"Ohh come on.. not that kind of name"

"Call him Popo, I used to have a cat by that name when I was small"

Best Friend

You are responsible for your own happiness.

"Happiness is about how you choose to view the world
not about how the world can accomodate you"

-cikgu Nora-
Old Town
Alor Star-10 Nov 2006

My good friend Cikgu Nora. We can spend our time together until the wee hours of the night, just talking, discussing, debating, chatting and all the activities that stimulate our minds and the topic could be just about anything under the sun. My best friend after cK.

Queen Ann

"Oh my Queen,
how hv u been,
ure lost never to be seen,
here i am waitin so keen,
to see ur name again here on my phone screen"

sms from Hadie
07-Dec-2006 /12:51 am


Everybody calls me Ann. I grew up with that name which is a bit different from my original name in the birth cert. I never knew how it all started except that according to Tok it was her idea, being the first child and first grandchild, I was treated like a Queen and I guess "Ann" was the closest to my real name .... thus "Queen Ann" must have popped into her mind.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ananda; The Gold Digger

We were waiting for our 'nasi ayam' at that time for our lunch. when he suddenly said to me, with a serious note, that theres something he wanted to talk about.

"Its something to do with your phone bill. Could you please reduce the calls you ve been making"


"Your bill alone has reached RM1,500-00 ....!!"

Gosh....! Dang...! I was thinking like ouchhhh...... how could I have made all those calls up to a whopping RM1,000-00 ... no.. no... RM1,500-00...

"Errr... could I have a look at the bill later.....?"

I was so embarrassed ..... Am taking advantage of him paying the bill ? Have I gone overboard ? My mind was so occupied with the figure wondering how could I have spent that much ..... untill he gave me the bill ....

It was so shocking to see that the thousand of ringgits came from the calls made to me when I was in Cambodia. I was aware that the incoming international call from Malaysia would cost me a bit ... but I didnt realize it could reach a crazy RM1,2xx-00 !!!

Yes most of the calls were made by him, and when I looked at his bill the same days and times he called me cost him only as local calls. One call which cost me RM125-00 cost him only RM2.40.

And the total cost of all the calls I made to him when I was there was RM84-00 and most of the calls didnt even reach a minute. For a few seconds call, they charged me RM9.10 per one call.

Every SMS cost RM1.10 which I think is quite reasonable, but RM9-10 per minute ... to Cambodia ??

"Get your own prepaid card from the place you go next time when you go to KL get your own prepaid card..."


Why I Love To Iron These Days

I was still up and wide awake at about 12 pm that night.Its all because of this new playmate of mine ....

Spanker, this is what I was talking about ......

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Phnom Penh

Friday, November 24, 2006

My Next Toy

Call me crazy, but this baby is at the top of my list right now.

"I'm dying ! Its on sale ! 25% discount !
Its a good buy !!!!!
The 60ltr looks nice !"

"...and so your wardrobe would only be left with a few of your undies,
since the rest would be shoved into the sack.....?"

"Ok I'll go for the 55ltr !"
(in the photo)
"But I'll have to find money for the ticket first"

"Oh I see... so the trip is not tomorrow....???"

" If you buy now, are you going to backpack to Nora's house in Jitra
and then stop by at different mosques every other nights? "

Thursday, November 16, 2006

When You Make A Stand

"And do thou be patient, For thy patience is but From Allah; nor grieve over them; And distress not thyself Because of their plots.
For Allah is with those Who restrain themselves
and those who do good""

"Bersabarlah ! Sesugguhnya kami tidak akan mampu bersabar melainkan dengan pertolongan Allah; dan janganlah kamu bersedih kerana mereka dan janganlah dadamu menjadi sempit dengan apa yang mereka tipu dayakan
Sesungguhnya Allah bersama-sama orang yang bertaqwa
dan yang membuat kebaikan"

An Nahl: 127

How soothing the words of Allah are when you really need them .....

It is very hard when you suddenly realize that you ve been pushed to the limit. You re pushed to the wall and there is no other way except for you to retaliate.

People always tend to take us for granted, especially when we were the ones who led them to. We gave them the oppening for them to do to us as they wish. You were the the one who gave them permission to hurt you. And sometimes because you see things from a rose tinted glass, you brushed away any initial intuitions about what they were doing to you, you pushed aside the 'bad thoughts' (as you yourself put) and tried to justify whatever is happening around you. You dig all sorts of excuses to defend them...... but how far can one dig...?

You re hurt and you cried silently as you looked back; you wished they were not true, you wished you could refuse to believe but in tears you slowly admit that you have to swallow the bitter truth.

And when you feel that its time to make a stand, you have to really look into yourself to find all the strenghts that you need during this crucial moment of your life, because its something that you re not used to doing. It takes up all your energy and it exhausts you, but you know you have to hold on to it....

....because if you make any wrong move, you re dead ! They will eat you up .... again .. and again..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things I Learnt From My Trip

I think I want to finish off with what I had started in the earlier entries about my trip to Cambodia. Instead of telling every small details of the itinerary of the trip I'd rather conclude with what I had learned all through out the journey.

Cambodia Is Like Malaysia 20, 30 years ago

The surroundings, the infrastructure, the people. What amazed us most was the part that the Cambodians have a lot of free times. They would be walking in the parks, sitting near the Mekong River bank. They seem so relaxed which I think is good that they are not so much in a rush like in Kuala Lumpur for example. Malaysians do not go to the park anymore during weekend, they go to the malls.

The poverty level too is very high. Along the road on our way to Siem Reap we could see that many of the areas are without basic facilities like electricity and water. Houses were built next to the river (or canal) and they still use the river as their water source. I saw kids and women having their bath in the river too.

Currency-USD Is Widely Used

It broke my heart to see that a plate of fried rice cost us USD4.50. Arggghhhhhhhhhhh..............! Their currency is in Riel. USD1 is equivalent to 4200Riel and RM1 was about 1,200Riel (at that time-Oct2006). Being a developing country they need the help from the tourist to bring as much USD to the country as possible. Thats why the tourists (except Malaysians) have to pay the airposrt visa when they want to go in (at about USD20) and again when going out (including Malaysians) another USD20. It even stated somewhere at the airport that they need the money to expand their international airport.

Indonesianz Speak Better Intonation of English (Well at least Ijul does)

Its not because I'm so obesessed with Indonesian that I can even say that their intonation is better, well at least better than mine. Ijul speaks with perfect pronounciation of every English words that come out of her mouth. With the right stresses at the right time and its not even a put up accent, its just the way she speaks. I thought its only because of the English language but actually even when she speaks her own language, she would speak with such confident and and with a great deal of strong pronounciation, I mean like the time when I was referring to Ijul about the Indonesian word "timpuk", she didnt get what was I telling her and I kept on saying to her " You know "timpuk", banter ..." and she was like " Ohhhh... TIMPUK ... " with the stress at the "K" sound there. When I pronounced "timpuk" its as if I put a stop at the "k" sounds but Indonesian would even stress at the "K" sound; 'Timpukkkkk" Get it ? And I also discovered that the English people understand Ijul better when she speaks. Hmmm..... I vowed to do something with my English.

I tried to speak like Ijul with cK and he mocked me saying that I sound like a robot !

Ijul Is Tough !

Hahaha.. really, I always consider myself as someone whos quite determined and not afraid of hard work, not the 'manja' type, and independant, I mean like if I want to do something, I would put my mind and body into it and would just shoot off right from the start and nothing rarely stop me. But being with Ijul for about 6 days, I could say that I came around being second (thats because they were only the two of us). "Orang Malaysia tuh tak pernah susah ....". Maybe shes right. We have been blessed with so much wealth and stability, economically and politically that we have become to comfortable and complacent and to certtain extend we have taken some things for granted.

Alhamdulillah is all I could say, but Ijul is afraid what might happen to the Muslims of Malaysia, say in the next 20 years. From what she could see if we dont do anything about our economic and political conditions, we would be swept aside soon ......


Well..... I really want to improve my 'speaking', I think I might join the "Toast Club".

and I want to travel to many other countries..... and I dont mind backpacking ..... to get to see the real people of the country ... not just the tourist places .....

ps: Ijul kalau aku pingin ke negara jauh aku perlu ngumpul uang dari sekarang deh... gimana jadinya plan kita backpack jkt-bali ... Arghhhhhhh...... money money money !!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mari Ketawa Dan Menangis Bersama KKDN

Inilah antara senarai buku-buku yang telah diharamkan oleh Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri bagi tahun 2000-2006.


Antara Senarai Buku-Buku Yang Boleh Kita Ketawa

  • Hot!Girl (热辣少女)
  • Wanita Seksi (美艳美媚)
  • Godaan Seks (春色无边)
  • Cinta Haram (禁恋)
  • Kak Long (大姐姐)
  • Wanita Yang Merayau Sepanjang Malam (夜游女郎)
  • Lelaki Yang Bertanggungjawab (大丈夫)
  • Si Comel (小亲亲)
  • Cinta Liar (豪情)
  • Mimpi Pisang (香蕉梦)
  • Guru Dara (处女教师)
  • Isteri Muda Yang Berlaku Curang (风流少妇)
  • Kisah Doktor Yang Tak Siuman (变态医生)
  • Dunia Ceria (美妙世界)
  • Kisah Tengah Malam (夜倾情)
  • Kudumbal Seks Kathaigal (Kisah-Kisah Seks Keluarga)
  • Oru Kanniyin Karnapal (Mimpi Seorang Gadis)
  • Cinta 100 Ela (Raja Azmi)

Antara Senarai Buku-Buku Yang Boleh Kita Menangis

  • Sebahagian Daripada Rawatan Pesakit Menurut Al Quran dan Sunnah (Prof Dr Harun Din dan Dr Amran Kasimin)
  • Mengapa Kita Mencintai Keluarga Nabi SAW (Muhammad Kadzim Muhammad Jawad)
  • Tokoh-Tokoh Terkemuka Ahlul Bait Nabi Rasulullah SAW Jilid 1-14 (Ali Muhammad Ali)
  • Siapa, Mengapa Ahllul-Bayt (Hassan Abdul Qadir)

  • 40 Hari Khalwat Catatan Harian Seorang Psikologi Dalam Pengasingan Diri Sufistik (Michaela Ozelsel)
  • A HISTORY OF GOD (Karen Armstrong)
  • Muhammad A Biography Of The Prophet (Karen Armstrong)
  • The Battle For God Fundamentalism In Judaism, Christianity And Islam (Karen Armstrong)
  • Kundalini For Beginners (Ravindra Kumar)
  • Kontroversi Hukum Hudud (Kassim Ahmad)
  • Hukum Mengenai Rokok & Mencukur Janggut (Rasul Dahri)
  • Tafsir Al Mizan (Mengupas Ayat-Ayat Ruh dan Alam Barzah) (Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Hussien Thabathaba'i)
  • Pengakuan Paderai Melayu Kristiankan Beribu-Ribu Orang Melayu (Azizan Ahmad)
  • Seri Dasar-Dasar Filsafat Islam Prinsip-Prinsip Islam (Dalam AlQuran) (Dr Bahesty dan Dr Bahonar)
  • Amalan Bid'ah Pada Bulan Muharram, Rejab, Syaaban dan Ramadhan (Dr Abdul Ghani Azmi Bin Hj Idris)

Bagaimanakah akan berkembangnya pemikiran rakyat Malaysia
apabila buku-buku bertanda merah seperti di atas diharamkan ?

Maka akan tertutuplah minda,
tidak akan terbuka perdebatan,
semakin sempit pemikiran,
tidak akan ada persetujuan untuk tidak bersetuju (agree to disagree)
makin lemah daya intelek
tiada ada hujah-hujah bertebaran
yang akan memaksa pengkajian dan pemahaman ....

...... dan katak-katak akan terus bertempurung dalam kelompoknya .......

How Could You Do This To Us ?

ps: cK:

"What do you expect from people who banned "Lelaki Komunis Terakhir"? And these people banned the movie when they had not even watched it. It's all because of the word "Komunis Terakhir". Which means if Amir put it "Lelaki Kepala Hotak Hang" they would surely have no problem with it."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cerita Orang Marah

Kita berhenti sekejap pasal cerita Kemboja. Penat ahhh nak tulis cerita tu.

Baru2 ini saya di Langkawi. Pada masa hendak pulang ketika di Jetty Kuah itu, memang terdapat ramai umat manusia yang mahu balik ke tanah besar setelah bershopping sakan di Langkawi. Alkisahnya suasana sangat panas dan orang begitu ramai dan adalah satu mamat dan keluarga ini yang sedang beratur bersama orang ramai dekat pintu nak keluar ke bot, macam 'departure hall' begitu adanya.

Tiket bot saya menunjukkan bot saya akan berlepas jam 12.30 tgh hari. Waktu saya dan orang ramai di pintu itu, jam di tangan sudah menunjukkan hampir pukul 12.30. Saya cuba-cuba lihat tiket bot orang lain dan saya dapati tiket mereka menunjukkan bot yang berbeza dari tiket saya. Saya mula jadi bimbang dan cuba mencari ruang ke depan orang ramai untuk bertanya makcik guard yang jaga pintu tu, untuk mengetahui adakah saya ini termasuk orang-orang yang dah terlepas bot.

Dalam kekalutan saya itu (sememangnya saya ini jenis gubra juga orangnya) saya telah terlanggar sesuatu. Bila saya toleh ke belakang saya dapati saya telah menjatuhkan secara tidak sengaja beg seorang mamat dan keluarga tadi. Mamat ini adalah seorang bapa, punya dua tiga orang anak separa remaja dan isteri yang kelihatan sangat lembut. Seharusnya saya patut merujuk beliau sebagai 'pakcik' , tapi oleh kerana kecetekan akal padanya yang saya rasakan sangat ketara eloklah beliau diturunkan darjat ke pangkat 'mamat' saja.

Sambil mengangkat beg tersebut saya meminta maaf kepada si empunya beg, tetapi Mamat ini setelah melihat saya menjatuhkan begnya terus menengking ke arah saya dengan menuduh saya sebagai seorang yang tidak punya penglihatan. Dijeritnya kepada saya mempersoalkan penglihatan saya sebagai seorang yang seperti Stevie Wonder. "Buta kah ???!!!!" Saya agak terkejut dengan pertanyaan yang garang seperti itu. Kalau wanita biasa yang lain, mungkin mereka akan merasa malu dan akan tersipu-sipu menyusup keluar dari orang ramai dengan deraian air mata.

Si mamat ini tidak tahu saya wanita garang yang membawa kereta dengan ganas ! Terasa suasana pada waktu itu kilat sambar menyambar ribu taufan seolah melanda Jetty Kuah; saya mengangkat pandangan dan melihat kepadanya dan bertanya tanpa meniggikan suara :

"Kenapa harus marah ...?"

Mamat yang seperti kehilangan dialog terus membuat tuduhan lagi "Buta !!!"

"Eh.. relax lah... !! Saya dah minta maaf ! "

Mamat tercari-cari ayat yang lebih baik lagi "Buta !!"

"Kenapa harus marah dan jerit-jerit. Tak bolehkah bercakap elok-elok? Saya bukan sengaja nak jatuhkan beg tu ""

Mamat menggapai-gapai mencari kata yang tak terjumpa "Buta !!!"

"Ehh... relax lah !!!!"

Tahulah saya tatkala itu bahawa beliau telah kehilangan skrip dan beliau juga tidak tahu dialog apa lagi yang mampu dihasilkannya. Dan saya terus berlalu pergi. Orang ramai pastinya menjadi saksi bahawa yang buta sebenarnya di situ ialah Mamat itu, yang telah berjaya menjatuhkan dirinya di hadapan anak-anak dan isteri dan juga orang ramai.

Moral Cerita

Menengking orang yang telah memohon maaf atas sesuatu perkara yang tidak sekali-kali menjejaskan anda membuatkan seseorang kelihatan lebih kecil dari dirinya yang sebenar.

*** Oh ya ! Mamat itu dan keluarganya mendapat tempat duduk di belakang kerusi saya di atas bot.

Cambodia - Day Two

Morning of Phnom Penh

We woke up early to catch a bus to Siem Reap, the town of Angkor Watt, which is about 6 hours drive from Phnom Penh. The journey should have been less than 6 hours, if only there is a highway. Unfortunately Cambodia is very much under construction.

The bus cost us 7USD, with air cond but no wash room. We had no choice. The seats were a bit uncomfortable as we are both 5"6 and we found it difficult to strech our legs. We got to see a bit of the life of the Cambodians along the road, of which poverty is very much prominent.

Grilled banana.

Cute lady selling fruits.

We stopped by at a restaurant, supposedly for lunch, but of course Ijul and I had to hold back our hunger as they were no available halal food around. We should have bought some bread. And oh ya.. Alhmadulillah Ijul's Sis insisted her to give me the famous Indonesian 'kek lapis' (layered cake)as a take away. That saved us until lunch !

Cambodian Boys After School Hour

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the happening town in Cambodia. Almost all tourists will flock the town as its the nearest to Angkor Watt. When we stepped down from the bus, we were flunk by the Tuk-Tuk drivers. One recognize me immediately as Malaysian (from my tudung) and spoke to me in Bahasa Malaysia. Sukry apparently had once worked in Malaysia. We didnt want the trouble talking in sign language so we chose Sukry as our official Tuk Tuk driver.

Sukry. Our Superman For the Day

He brought us to an Indian Restaurant as it was the first thing I requested. Our stomachs were making noises already and I knew I had to eat immediately before mine get worse. The street was heavily polluted by dust. Almost everything was under construction new roads, new buildings and all. Thats why a bandanna would come in handy at this time, but I didnt bother to.

The Halal Indian Restaurant is only next to Old Market. Its a bit pricey as, again, all the dishes are in USD. Sukry got his share too, courtesey of the owner (obviously for bringing people to the restaurant) and we were lucky because as Sukry only ate only half of his nasi goreng, we tucked half of his share for our dinner that night. We met one Malaysian family from Johor in the restaurant.

Some of the Tuk-Tuks with their customer at the Ticket Booth

To get into Angkor Watt we had to buy the passes. One day pass costs 20USD and for a three day pass it d cost 40USD. We decided to get a one day pass only as we didnt plan to stay that long in Siem Reap. Sukry suggested that we buy the pass that day itself because the one day pass bought in the evening of that day can be used for that day itself and the next day. He thought we might like to get into Angkor Watt that same evening to see the sunset at the top of one of the temples (there are apparently many temples in that 400km sf area and Angkor Watt is actually one of the famous temple they have inside that huge area).

A bit from the map

We had to do some climbing before we reached the peak of the temple to get the sunset view. We had to first climb the hill and later the stairs. The stairs were steep and narrow.

First the hill. Look at the people

Then the temple steps. Look at the people again

Look at the crowd and Ijul

It must be the weather ; because in our opinion the sunset was not really spectacular that day. Or maybe it's my inability to get a good composition. My bad then !

Our hotel in Siem Reap. 20USD

Look at the bed. You can guess which one is mine.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cambodia - Day One

I reached KLIA and met Ijul at LCCT, Sepang. That was the first time I met Ijul, face to face. I was a bit anxious as it would be our first time meeting and staying together for 5 nights. We actually had the same thoughts, wondering and hoping that both of us can get along well for the whole of the trip. I was actually worried that she might get to know me 'better' and discover I'm not that 'nice'.LOL

Our flight was scheduled at 3.15pm but the plane coluld only take off at almost 4.20 pm because of the bad weather, it was raining heavily at the airport. The flight took about 2 hours from KL to Phnom Penh.

We were greeted by Hari, Ijul's friend whos working at the Indonesia Embassy in Phnom Penh. He was kind enough to provide us the first night accomodation at Paragon Hotel. The room which comes with Air Cond and warm water costs 35USD.

Our hotel faced the Mekong River. We found out that there were many Cambodians who like to sit along the river bank until the wee hours of the night. We spent the first night walking along the Mekong River and took some photos which included some fried bugs !

I turned into ghost that night

Ijul was tempted to taste the fried bugs but I pulled her back. LOL *kidding*

No, we didnt have the bugs for dinner, instead we went to 'Bali Cafe' an Indonesian Restaurant for some halal food . Its not that far from our hotel. But please bear in mind that USD is widely used in Cambodia, and so our dinner which Ijul insisted was on her, cost about 12USD. Go figure your calculation in RM.

And later that night, we went to a hotel where Hari was waiting for us with his gang. We took Tuk-Tuk from Bali Cafe which was 2USD trip.

(Hari : third from right)

I was so sleepy during the time there and was almost sleeping. The first time Ijul discovered how easy I can fall asleep !

We went back quite late and were grateful to be sent back by Hari's friend, Dana (Shes fourth from left).

The BackPack Packing

Ok. This entry has nothing much to do with my Cambodia trip. These are the things I learned after only a few trips some where and things I get from the internet during my homework. Just thought I'd share them with you.

Do your homework

If you really want to go backpack, you have to start doing your homework early on. Plan your trip at least 6-12 months ahead. It helps especially if you want to get a good cheap flight from Airasia. You can get a very good bargain for the flight you intend to take. Study the place you want to visit thoroughly and compile them in one file.

These are a few things you have to know:-

  • Political situation of the country. You may not want to end up with the street demonstrators (or if u re like me who WANTS to be part of it, thats another story, go talk to your parents first)
  • The Visas and all the taxes you may need to pay, you may get shocked like me who didnt know that we had to pay an airport tax of 25USD when I wanted to get out of Cambodia. Apparently Malaysians need not pay any tax when going into Cambodia but still have to pay the 25USD when going out.
  • The price of the taxis, tuk-tuk. The trick and trade of the taxi drivers and tuk-tuk. Like you have to know the places yourself instead of accepting and agreeing to everything that the Tuk-Tuk drivers suggest.
  • Get the map of the town you're visiting. Get the idea of the place in your head.
  • Check the tips from other travellers.
  • Check the cheap hotels you intend to stay. Make some notes and try looking for any comments or reviews from other travellers who have stayed there.
  • Get to know where the Mosque and the muslims community are.
  • Find the Halal restaurants from the internet, so you wont be starved to death while crawling in town looking for one.
  • If you re planning to travel from one place to another, its good to know the ticket price of the bus, taxi, train etc beforehand so that you can make a proper and estimated budget.
Check these sites : VirtualTourist, LonelyPlanet (and its forum), Halal Guide, Journeywoman (for us women travellers) to get tips and brief ideas of the place you're visiting.

You can also buy all the travelling books, like LonelyPlanet Guide Book, but they can cost half of your flight ticket.

Anyways, below are the essentials for your packing :-

Top Of The List
  • Passport
  • Tickets (flight, train etc)
  • Booking documents (when you book online - eg hotels)
  • Identification Card
  • Some cash (in USD)
  • Driving license (just in case)
  • Photos (ur ID photos - some places might require photos)
Kindly make photocopies of all the important documents and put the original documents safely in your bag. You can put the copies in your day bag.

The Bag

If youre going for not more than 2 weeks, a 30 ltr bag is actually enough. Well if you have to bring lots of your stuffs, then you might get yourself a 40 ltr or maybe 40 + 10 or even 50 to 60 ltr bag which to me is very very big, the 50 ltr and above bag is actually meant for the round the world trip or 3 months journey through Europe or the whole of South East Asia. ( Well I made a mistake the first time I went to South Thailand with my 60 ltr bag ). The bigger your bag is the more tendency for you to bring the content of your room ! No matter how commercialise Deuter sounds to you, its actually the best one around. Karrimor is good too, less expensive than Deuter or you can find The North Face to your liking but which may not suit your budget.

You should also get yourself a small pouch or something like the blue pouch I have. I love this small bag, its not bulging as any other pouch , quite thin and can carry my passport, cards, bills and other small stuffs which can be easily reached.

Me and my 30 ltr bag and the small sling pouch

You still need to be careful with the sling pouch as it can sometimes not only reachable for you but also be easly reached by the snatch thief as well.

The List


Ok. You don't have to bring one shirt for everyday of your trip, if you only have a 30 ltr bag. You can bring 6 shirts according to the days of your trip only if you have a bigger luggage. Lets just keep your list of apparel to:-

  • One thin cotton shirt, one t-shirt, one long sleeved shirt, one thin jacket (which I didnt bring but felt that I actually needed one) one pair of jeans and one cotton pants (or khaki pants). Jeans are heavy actually but if you still want to look cool during the trip, just shove it into the bag. You dont have to bring a t shirt, just buy one at the place u re visiting as the first souvenir for yourself ! Get a dri fit shirt which u can wear for more that a few days, it doesnt smell !
  • Underwear: panties - get the light ones, 4-5 pieces. Bras- 3 at least
  • Telekung and sarong with socks - for solat
  • Socks if youre taking your Nike sport shoes
  • Sandals
  • Cap/hairband/cotton bandana
  • Swimming suit (no, I didnt go to the beach in Cambodia)

If youre going to do lots of walking, get a good walking shoe. I was thinking of wearing my Converse cotton, but its not really comfortable actually. Better still you can get a Teva sandal, but I must warn you, Teva sandal can be smelly after some times, wash it off with soap if your travelling companion starts complaining of the foul smell (or if the locals squeeze their noses when you come in). Nike sandals are ok but my they are not really durable. I heard that Chaco sandals are highly recommended, try to find one in KL but it may be tad expensive.

Personal Hygiene

Toothbrush.toothpaste.liquidsoap (as you may not like the small soap they give at the cheap motels). Razor blade (should you need to (!)). Shampoo. Baby oil (I have no idea what its for but its always with me when I travel). Deodorant (a must). Cotton Bud. Facial wash.Facial cream.compact powder.lipstick (if your femininity calls) Hairbrush (small one u silly !) Sanitary pad (in case). Perfume (backpackers need to smell nice too).

First Aid

Panadol.Charcoal pills (when the foreign food is not to your stomach liking) Miyak Cap Kapak (ointment) when you cant stand the foreign smell in the local bus or their musics. Bring some Vitamin C as well or maybe some other vitamins to boost your energy all through out the trip.


All sorts of charger for your phone, camera, videoacamera, mp3. Mp3 is highly recommended (again to help you with the sound of musics not to your taste). Safety pins, bring one packet if you must, they help you when u cant close the hotel windows with their cheap curtains. Small day bag, for you to take during the day trip around town (so you dont have to bring that big backpack to the restaurant)

And dont forget to bring one small bottle of liquid wash soap for washing. You may not like your shirt to smell like bath soap !

Your Travelling Companion

Be ready to accept everything that comes with the package. Be open minded. Dont be too sensitive. Be considerate. Compromise. Understanding. If you cant get along with your travel buddy, your trip wont be that fun anymore. Dont fret over small petty things. No body's perfect. The main thing is that both of you should at least agree on certain main issues, like both should agree on what type of accommodation (simple, cheap, expensive, comfortable etc) and both agree to spend as little as possible (like cutting down the expensive comfortable bus and use the local bus instead)


Something for you to jot down everything from your plan, itinerary, expenses etc......


Never forget to pray for your trip to be safe and sound

Cambodia-The Plan

No, I didnt actually plan to go anywhere initially, I was thinking more of Langkawi or perhaps one of the Terengganu islands to recharge myself (yes I need that ocassionally to get my sanity intact).

I went to Cambodia with my good friend whom I met virtually through her blog. Ijul, yeap thats the girl. We ve been visiting each other's blogs for more than 2 years. She was in KL last year but we didnt get the chance to meet. So this year as shes visiting her sister again (whose husband is a manager of one of an IT international company here), we vowed not to miss this opportunity to meet. She told me that shes going to Cambodia first before she could come to Kedah. I was intrigued.... wondering whether its possible that I could follow her. Shes leaving on the third of raya and will only be back 5 days later. As usual, on impulse, I just blurtered out whethere she'd mind if I go with her. She was overjoyed.

So its on !

I told here I was quite tight on budget. I had only 350USD to spend after deducting the flight ticket. I was glad we agreed to spend as little as possible for the 6 days trip.

I was excited.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I Am 21 again !

Happy Birthday To
Me !

happy birthday dear me
life as you ve learnt is never easy
but you've made it quite fairly !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Masa Yang Berlalu

Saat itu resah terjadi
Aku tiba-tiba seakan ingin memanggil namamu
Tatkala itu aku merasa himbauan sesuatu yang dalam
Senda apakah yang ingin kau beri
Duka apakah yang paling abadi
Melainkan sepi berabadku ini

-Pyan Habib-

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Can I Hold The Memory

What was I looking for when I started the journey.
Not knowing the uncertainties that lies ahead.
Believing what has been written somewhere is my fate
And yet I planned the plan thats been meant for me to create.

Along the way I found myself
together with the other side of me that I always tend to forget
Tis' a couple of lessons I learned
From a far away friend who is never hesitate
to point out her thoughts thats forthright straight !

I will unfold my 6 days story in a short time
after the sorting out of the hundreds of the photos comes to an end ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Run If You Can

Packing again !

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eidul Fitri 2006

"I want to teach you five of those things which deserve your greatest anxiety to acquire them:

Have hope only in Allah.

Be afraid of nothing but sins.

If you do not know a thing never feel ashamed to admit ignorance.

If you do not know a thing never hesitate or feel ashamed to learn it.

Acquire patience and endurance
because their relation with true faith is that of a head to a body, a body is of no use without a head, similarly true faith can be of no use without attributes of resignation, endurance and patience
. "

Imam Ali (AS)

Selamat Hari Raya

Monday, October 23, 2006

Aku Gubra

Setelah beberapa bulan aku mencari CD asalnya, baru dua malam lepas aku berjumpa. Bukanlah aku ni seorang yang mengumpul original CD tapi bagi sesetengah album dan filem bagi artis yang aku hormati, aku akan rasa bersalah yang amat sangat jika mendapatkan CD mereka dengan harga sebanyak RM5 sahaja. Barangkali penjual vcd lanun merasakan aku gila bila aku berkata pada mereka “ Saya mahu vcd Gubra yang original punya !” di dalam suasana mereka mahu sembunyikan vcd-vcd cetak rompak di belakang rak vcd-vcd original.

Terlalu banyak yang telah diperkatakan orang tentang “Gubra”. Aku adalah orang yang terlewat untuk menontonnya. (Inilah harga yang aku harus bayar bila tinggal di tempat yang namanya Alor Setar ni, di mana cerita atau filem yang aku nak tengok, agak susah nak cari, mungkin salahku yang begitu gigih menunggu vcd originalnya).

Aku suka “Gubra” walau aku agak kurang senang dengan beberapa perkara yang dibawa oleh filem ini. Aku ni agak fundamentalis dalam hal2 yang berkaitan dengan isu sensitif yang dibawakan oleh filem-filem sekarang terutamanya bila aku mahu menontonnya dari kacamata seorang Muslim. Aku juga sensitif dengan message-message yang dibawa oleh filem. Tapi aku ni bukanlah pengkritik hebat, aku hanya salah seorang penonton yang agak cerewet memilih filem yang mahu ditonton.Kalau ada yang mahu melabelkan aku fundamentalis Islam, aku tidak akan membangkang.

Ramai fundamentalis yang marah dengan filem ini yang mengangkat persahabatan keluarga seorang bilal dengan pelacur. Aku melihatnya dari sudut lain sebagai seorang fundamentalis juga. Aku juga pernah membaca betapa marahnya para fundamentalis Islam kerana bagi mereka “Bilal jenis apakah itu yang tidak membawa message “Amal Maaruf Nahi Mungkar” di dalam persahabatannya dengan pelacur-pelacur itu?”. “Amal Maaruf Nahi mungkar yang mereka mahukan ialah dengan satu terjemahan sahaja iaitu dengan menegur dan memarahi pelacur kerana memilih kerjaya itu dan seterusnya memboikot pelacur tersebut dan anaknya juga akan dilarang untuk bercampur gaul dengan anak mereka. Inilah watak bilal yang mereka mahukan. Mereka agaknya terlupa untuk menterjemah ayat untuk berdakwah dengan hikmah. Barangkali mereka sendiri tidak tahu apa itu maksud “Hikmah”.

Aku suka dengan persahabatan baik yang dijalin antara keluarga Bilal dan Temah serta temannya Kiah , satu perhubungan tulus dan jujur sesama insan atas dasar keagamaan dan juga kemanusiaan yang mana akhirnya menjadikan pelacur-pelacur tersebut tertarik dan mahu kemballi kepada fitrahnya. Fitrah seorang Muslim. Cerita pelacur Muslim seperti ini mengingatkan aku pada waktu zaman Revolusi Iran, di mana antara tempat utama bagi para revolusioners untuk turun berdakwah ialah rumah-rumah pelacuran. Mereka tidak memandang rendah apatah lagi menghina para pelacur tersebut. Dengan penuh hikmah mereka berdawah dengan mengatakan bahawa antara sebab para pelacur tersebut memilih karier itu adalah kerana tiadanya pilihan lain yang disediakan oleh kerajaan Shah pada waktu itu yang menyebabkan ada segelintir rakyat terpaksa memilih kerjaya yang “paling tua” di dunia itu.

Aku juga paling suka dailog antara Temah dan Mas ketika Mas sedang mengajar Temah membaca kitab suci Al Quran.

Temah: Mas tak marahkah Temah tak pakai tudung?
Mas: Tak. Kenapa nak marah ?
Temah : Kalau Temah nak pakai tudung ?
Mas : Kalau Temah nak pakai tudung? Mas belikan
Temah : Kalau Mas beli, Temah tak nak pakai ?
Mas : Kalau Temah tak nak pakai tudung, Mas simpan. Mana tahu kalau satu hari nanti Temah nak pakai; dah ada

Betapa hikmahnya dan bijaksana “amal maaruf dan nahi mungkar” yang dibawa oleh Yasmin dalam cerita Bilal dan Pelacur.

Yasmin berjaya membawa sesuatu yang sangat fresh dengan memberi nafas baru bagi seorang bilal dan juga keluarga bertudung labuh hitam yang sangat terbuka, bijaksana yang menunjukkan contoh dan sikap yang baik sebagai Muslim. Di dalam dunia sekarang yang memandang serong pada mereka yang memakai kopiah dan bertudung labuh hitam sebagai pengganas ekstrimis yang suka berdemonstrasi, Yasmin mengangkat golongan ini ke satu tahap yang sewajarnya.

Aku juga akui bahawa pada mulanya aku agak skeptical bila melihat babak keluarga yang memakai tudung labuh warna hitam di sebelah katil bapa Jason . Melihat keluarga betudung labuh hitam di sebelah katil tersebut, aku seakan menantikan suatu babak yang tidak baik yang akan menjatuhkan mereka yang memakai tudung labuh, tapi Yasmin yang bijak tidak membawa message seperti itu. Dibawanya babak Mak si Jason yang marah-marahkan suaminya yang tak nak makan kalau tak ada daging babi dan keluarga bertudung labuh hitam disebelah pada mulanya agak terkejut dan tersenyum tetapi kemudiannya si ibu bangun dan menawarkan daging rendang buat si Nyonya. Aku menarik nafas lega.

Signifikasi pada pemakaian tudung labuh hitam di situ menunjukkan bahawa famili tersebut adalah keluarga yang wara’ dan amat serius dalam beramal. Tudung hitam yang labuh juga selalu melambangkan perempuan yang fundamentalis, ekstrimis dan sangat patuh pada peraturan menutup aurat di dalam Islam. Yasmin tidak meletak di situ famili yang memakai tudung putih tiga segi yang biasa, beliau juga tidak meletak famili yang memakai selendang atau scarf. Dengan membawa pemakaian tudung hitam yang labuh itu, Yasmin telah memberi satu imej yang sangat positif kepada orang ramai bahawa tudung hitam yang labuh tidak bermaksud ekstrimis yang melampau dan menunjukkan bahawa ada juga di kalangan mereka yang pandai bermuamalah dan berbuat baik sesama insan, hatta insan itu bukan Muslim sekali pun.

Inilah message 'uswatun hasanah' yang mahu di bawa oleh Yasmin dan saya percaya message tersebut telah disampaikan dengan begitu baik. Mungkinkah terpesongnya aku dari fahaman biasa fundametalis di sini adalah ini kerana lakonan Namron sebagai bilal yang sangat handsome dan cool. Teruja sungguh kalau memang benar ada lelaki Muslim Melayu seperti itu !

Di satu cerita yang lain, tentang Orked, terus terang aku agak menyampah dengan watak Orked di dalam Gubra. Barangkali aku masih mengharapkan watak yang sama seperti di dalam Sepet, “innocence”. Innocence itu sudah hilang di dalam Gubra (bersesuaian dengan umurnya barangkali) dan diganti dengan watak yang agak mengada-ngada dan manja terlebih. Itu pada pandangan aku, mungkin itulah sifat seorang Orked yang kalau saja bukan Orked sekalipun, sesiapa saja yang berwatak sedemikian, aku memang akan menyampah.

Tanpa memaafkan Arif sebagai seorang yang telah menduakan isterinya, aku agak “bengang” dengan Orked yang pada masa dan hari yang sama suaminya di’tangkap’ olehnya sedang berdua-duaan dengan wanita kedua, si Orked juga pada waktu itu sedang berjalan berdua dengan lelaki yang bukan mahramnya. Aku maafkan kalau Orked keluar berdua sebagai teman tetapi yang aku tidak faham, sebaik sahaja dia menempeleng suaminya, Orked terus berjalan berdua dengan lelaki yang bukan mahramnya itu “dengan memegang tangan” ! Ahhhh…… alangkah tidak adil dan peliknya wanita bernama perempuan. Boleh saja dia berpoya ‘flirt’ dengan lelaki lain tetapi amat marah bila mendapati suami berbuat demikian. Okay… aku faham, paling tidak Orked belum di bawah selimut dengan lelaki bukan mahram tersebut. Tetapi, jangan menipu Orked kalau engkau menafikan engkau juga sedang cuba menggoda lelaki bukan mahram tersebut ketika beliau keluar dari bilik air dengan tidak memakai baju. Apa perlunya engkau Orked menarik bulu seorang lelaki bukan mahram dari tubuhnya. Lihat saja bahasa dan lenggok yang engkau gunakan sewaktu bersama lelaki bukan mahram tersebut.”Orked, I’m sorry, but you didn’t come with clean hands too maam”.

Dan aku juga paling tidak faham dan memang tidak akan masuk akal, bagaimana seorang yang bijak seperti Kak Yam yang boleh berbahasa Inggeris dengan baik, boleh menjadi seorang ‘maid’ di Malaysia negaraku yang makmur ini. Melainkanlah maid itu adalah seorang Filipino dan aku percaya yang amat sangat Kak Yam bukanlah orang Filipina.

Aku juga sebagai seorang fundamentalis agak terkejut dengan babak-babak yang melibatkan sentuhan-sentuhan yang tidak sepatutnya oleh sesama Muslim yang bukan mahram. Barangkali kerana aku berpegang kepada hukum fiqh “Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara”. Sekalipun message atau niat yang hendak dibawa oleh Yasmin adalah kasih sayang yang teramat sangat sesama watak di dalam itu, aku masih merasakan itu tidak menjustifikasikan sesuatu yang jelas haram. Aduhhh.. aku ini juga bukanlah manusia malaikat tapi aku rasa aku perlu menyatakan sesuatu yang benar walau aku sendiri tidak sebersihnya.

Aku mahu berkiblatkan sekali lagi kepada Iran. Walau tidak banyak filem mereka yang aku telah tonton, tapi di dalam satu dua filem yang aku berpeluang menonton aku kagum bagaimana mereka dapat mengeluarkan filem yang amat bermutu tanpa menggadaikan maruah dan prinsip Islam. Tanpa perlu watak si suami mencium isteri, si isteri mencium suami, dari ekspresi lain, penonton masih dapat merasakan kasih sayang yang wujud antara watak suami isteri tersebut. Mereka juga tidak pernah perlu menunjukkan rambut isteri yang mengurai atau serabai bagi merealisasikan watak perempuan.

Inilah harapan dan impian aku bagi industri filem Malaysia. Menghasilkan filem yang jujur dan berilmu dan pada masa yang sama tidak sesekali menggadai maruah dan peribadi Muslim. Memberi imej yang baik bagi pelakon dan seterusnya menjadikan filem sebagai medium dalam berdakwah.

Yasmin telah mengorak langkah yang baik dalam penceritaannya di dalam cerita Bilal dan Pelacur dan juga Keluarga Bertudung Labuh Hitam yang telah memberi message yang positif kepada masyarakat. Tetapi dalam masa yang sama aku juga mengharapkan sesuatu yang aku rasakan tidak mustahil boleh kita lakukan. Jika Iran boleh melakukannya, kenapa kita tidak ?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fuming Mad !

mm..dah baca gak prettyfit tu dulu..
tp tak silapnya dia cedok dr blog anjakan paradigma sbb entry dia lambat sikit..

tu kalu aku tak silap la..
tp as i said, blog anjakan paradigma tu dah takdek, so tableh la nak cross check n verify tarikh entry derang tu..

apa2 lah...
yg penting maksudnya sampai..

selamat hari raya "

Now I know how does it feel to be furious when someone is talking things that is not right about you.

Whoever said those words above, kindly be informed that I will never never write something via cut and paste from others and claim that its mine.

That is so so far below me.

Please check that my original entry revolves around my discussion with a couple of my closest friends. Had it been from cut and paste why would I include their names.

Ohhh shit... I dont need to defend or prove myself.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ramadhan Is Leaving

Ramadhan is leaving us in just a few more days.
What have I gained so far? What have I endevoured to gain ?
Did I take this once in a year time's opprtunity to get closer to him ?
Have I ever been close to Him all these times, even before Ramadhan?

Has Ramadhan now become just a superficial ritual ?
Has it become a celebration month where everybody gets to go to the Ramadhan bazar and choose all sorts and variaties of food ?
Do we really cherish the true meanings of Ramadhan;
something far beyond hunger and thirst?

Will it's spirit linger around us for the next 11 months until a new Ramadhan comes around?
Will we be praying as much after this month is over?
Will we still find time to keep close to Him?

Will there still be another Ramadhan for us next year?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Walking Alone

Sometimes you have to walk alone. You have to be on your own, not to depend on anybody but your self. You just have to be by yourself without feeling lonely. You will have to trust your own feelings, revise the book of life from lessons you have learnt along your short journey in life. You put aside all fears and doubts and rely only on your guts.

During this time, you will learn more about yourself. You will discover more of your strenghts that you never knew existed. You recognise your flaws and acknowledge your weaknesses. And you learn from your mistakes. You vow never to repeat them.

You realize that you can never change people. You realize that the only thing you can change is how you react towards people's behaviour that you know can hurt you. People can hurt you as long as you let them to. To retaliate can sometimes imply that you are just like them. So you stay 'above' them.

The best thing when you re on your own is you know that you are never really alone. And you slowly and shamefully turn to HIM for you know HE will never forsake those who turn to HIM.

You learn to walk alone now because you know
the next journey you re taking will never be accompanied by anybody.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Comfortable Sneakers You Are

We are a pair of shoes
Never one without the other
How I wish we would always be together
And stay like this forever

You are my right, and I am your left
A mirror you are that reflects my true self
In each of my weaknesses and best
You make me believe I’m no less than the rest

I want no Prada, Jimmy Choo and all that is not cheap
(though an iPod 80GB may be something I need)
And you want no JLo as you gladly admit
(But I’m sure if shes around you’d of course,like to meet)

We have talked and discussed just about anything under the sun
From history, politics, religion, work and all that is fun
We may not agree with each other at certain times
But we both respect each another as somene more of a friend not a fiend

Best friends, lovers, soulmates you just name it as you like
For this relationship does not need a label for it to survive

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm dissapointed.

They dont really play basketball. If the girl has been playing since childhood how come she still dribbles the ball high from the ground. Worst still is the hoop. How can they still shoot at the 4 feet hoop after all these years ? Cant they put the board a little bit higher at least? Oh I know... so that they can do slam dunk like Shah Rukh Khan did in Kuch Kuch Hota Hey. *ouch*

And ohh.. for the rest of the story.... I .. errr... fell asleep after the first 15 minutes.

The correct "Heart"
(Alor Setar version)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Asalnya Adam

Found a blog with details about the creation of Nabi Adam. Click here. It s in Bahasa Malaysia.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Adik Has A Boyfriend

We were both lying down in bed, talking when Adik told me she has a boyfriend.

"Whats his name ....?"

Smiling sheepishly "His name starts with "F" ..."

"Farid..? Farouk..? Fauzi...? .....hmmm...?"

"No.. !.. No ....!"

"Fuad ...? !.."

Covering her face with the pillow ... smiling ...

"Oh.. FUAD.... !"

"Wahhh... tell me.. tell me more.. how in the first place did he become your boyfriend ?"

"Dia duduk sebelah Adik dalam kelas. Satu hari dia tiba-tiba tanya adik...... "Esok besar hang nak kawin dengan sapa..? " Adik kata "Adik tak tau lagi" Lepas tu dia kata "Hang kawin dengan aku lah..!" Adik jawap "Boleh juga...!""

"He sits next to me in class... One day he suddenly asked me... "When you grow up who do you want to get married to ?" I said "I dont know" and he then said to me "You'll marry me then ..!" and I replied "That sounds alright""

And they are both 8 years old.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will Ye Have Patience ?

"We have made some of you as a trial for others:
Will ye have patience?
For Allah is One Who sees (all things)"

Al Furqan :20

Just when you think that a person is a test to you, he may be thinking the other way round too. Because we are all not the same, we have to adapt to our differences with patience and kindness. When you are in a disagreement with someone you have to take a look at the background of the situation. You have to find out the stories behind your opponent. You have to try be in his shoes to make you understand his views and situations. Instead of concentrating on yourself, you have to step outside the box that s surrounding the person and you and evaluate the circumstances around it without being too emotional. Most of the times when you do that, you will understand the whole state of affair better. You might even find out the actual reason of your anger or resentment.

We sometimes do not get angry at the person, we are angry because of the situation and the circumstances. We are angry because we cannot handle the situation thats been shoved to us without prior notice. We are actually frustrated because our expectations have been smashed. Most of the times, we get angry because we loose control of ourself.

And next time when I'm about to go crazy because the driver in front of me is driving at 20kmph, I would think of this verse !

You Are How You Eat

I went out with Nora to KFC quite a few times. She would order the “snack plate” with two pieces of chicken together with the bun, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and sometimes we take fries or potatoe wedges for side orders. I notice how Nora would first eat the fries and then the bun and later go for the chicken and the coleslaw or the mashed potatoes; one at a time but not in particular order. Never two of the dishes at the same time, she would take them one by one.

And if you ever get to know Anis, you will notice how she eats. She would arrange everything neatly on the plate and eat them slowly and gracefully. That’s the word; yes despite the fact that, how ‘cranky’ or ‘crazy’ she can be, she eats her food gracefully !!! It amazes me the way she eats. But Anis would always eat the fries first because she likes the fries hot.

I on the other hand would eat everything at the same time. I would take the chicken together with the bun dipped in mashed potato and coleslaw with a little bit of the chili sauce in the coleslaw. I would take the fries too in between the chicken and the coleslaw. Its like I can just take almost all the foods at the same time, I cant do like Nora does. I just cant take them one by one.

Now, the way Nora eats is exactly the way she does her works. One by one; and one thing at a time.

I guess Anis does her work the same thing too. Neatly and ….. ‘gracefully’ ?? How does one do her work gracefully ….?

And in my case, I suppose you can imagine how I work … which makes me running here and there all the time ……

P/S : Now ....... I even heard that the way you eat shows the way you are in bed …. *wink*