Friday, June 16, 2006

Why Akademi Fantasia Again?

There is no balance in between our entertainments and the kind of education the youngsters are getting. Read NST (14-6-2006).

Why do we have to spend so much on entertainment when the education system is still haywired ?

Why do we let our yougsters believe that being in AF is the in thing in life?

Why do we have to have lots of concerts when so many of our graduates and youngsters are jobless?

Why do we still need to take our graduates for courses to equipt themselves to get a job (and pay them for attending the courses )? Didnt they learn anything in the campus?

Why do you give fish to the man instead of teaching the man how to fish?

Why do our Malay graduates are being stepped over by the non-Malays when it comes to job search?

Not that we are against entertainment but we are getting worried when our kids can't think any further than what they re getting for b'fast tomorrow and when s the next concert coming in

Why do the non-Malays cant get into the Universities because of the quota even when the Malays ourselves do not qualify to fill in the quota?

Please stop Sure Heboh.

Please stop Akademi Fantasia

Please stop One in a Million.

Please stop Senario

We have enough of these. Our youngsters are in deep need for mind stimulating programmes. Even if we cant produce one, just stop all the above for the time being.

If only you can balance these up with good education system, we will not want all the above for a long time !

Its the delusion that we are doing well. We are afraid to tell the truth. We are afraid to face the truth.

Because truth hurts.

To Blog Or Not To Blog

I am going to write again, irregardless whether my entries are going to be read by anybody. Why do people blog if they want to be anonymous and at the same time secretly wish to be known for having a good blog. Not many have that thought but when they blog, they sometimes blog about the things that happen in their life which eventually will some times and most of the times happen to give the greatest clue one can find about who they are, and it turns out that the blooger is your neighbour.