Thursday, January 03, 2013

stalker am i ?

i wish the couple i am stalking their blogs wont put their blogs on private.

sometimes i feel like a pervert or am i missing something in my own life that I have to stalk other people's love life.

hmmm ... scary, me pervert.

well i think its not that (justification, justification, justification)

i think we all love a good love story

we all love to see people in love

to see the ups and downs in a relationship and how they cope everything

seeing them reminds me of my own story with him

its been many many years, and yes i still fall in love with him every time i see him


enduring pain

you know what does it take to go through the pain and bitterness in life ...? just hang in there when its the toughest .... just hold on to what you believe in..... hold tight, very very tight.

Cry if you must but but dont loose the grip

hold tight to HIM, cry to HIM ....

stay calm .... and cry again .... and be still

its only a matter of time.

sometimes its only a few hours, and then HE will give u a break ... when a friend says hi or talks to you .. and when you watch funny movies, read all the jokes in Tumblr..

and then the pain will come again.... you will cry again

the process might take some times, say a few weeks at the most .. after a month or so the pain will visit you once a while ..

and soon, by the time you know it .. the pain is already gone

trust me

I went through it all and survived , Alhamdulillah

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


when you re in a relationship, you dont think logic, you dont simply do the math like 1 plus 1 is two.

you can end up somehow you dont know how that the answer wont be 2, it could be infinity for all you know.

love can sometimes shift you off the track ... and the study on people and love have been carried out for centuries and still they can never come with a standard guidelines.

not every relationship is the same, the magic of one relationship is purely based on chemistry and fate. Try as you might to catch hold of love, if its not meant for you, you will never succeed, but the ones meant for you will somehow find you even without you looking for them.

its tiring talking about love and relationship but its one of the talked about subject with everybody.

well good luck with your love ...!

Selamat Tahun Baru 2013

Ok , hari ini hari pertama utk 2013. ....

Hmmm ...

hmm... i wanted to say something grand, something greater than great, something that will give impact, but then what is a new year after all .... its just another ordinary day. Same sun, same sky same wind same of everything .

But then the difference is whats inside of you, what do you want to do this year ? what do you want to achieve .. what are your hopes ... how would you want it to be ? where would you want to be ?


I was busy doodling and drawing with my iPad last night the last night of 2012, I forgot to even set what I should achieve this year ..

well, I just hope this year to offer me the best it could offer and that I wouldn't be just doodling away and wasting time not noticing the offers ... and hope that the firm and I will make more money and that I would be much much closer to HIM and him, and my family ...

Happy New Year