Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everything Has Its Appointed Time


When things don't turn out the way you want it to be, its not the time yet.

You pray. You hope. You wish. You long. You anticipate

..but if its not the time yet.. it wont happen.

And when it does happen, you will suddenly see all things clearly. You will see why HE didn't grant your wish earlier. You will notice whatever HE is granting you today does not revolve around you personally, it somehow tends to relate with some situations, some people, some circumstances, which you will understand why HE wanted you to wait and be patient, because sometimes, even when you are ready, the other persons involved might not be and the situations at the moment must have not permitted.

...and when it does happen, you will see how pleasing it is when all things fall into places, at the right time..and at the right moment.

Just like finishing the last few pieces of jigsaw puzzles, you suddenly see the whole picture and not only a few pieces out of 1000.

...and all you can say is



HE is Most Knowing

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Have A Few Clothes

Ok. I dont have that many working attire to wear everyday. In fact I ve been wearing the same clothes like a few times every month, and to certain extent, twice a week. Ya, I dont give priority to my working clothes unlike most. My Baju Kurung, the ones I ve been wearing every now and then are the courtesy of my mother. Its not something I'm proud of, but my mother still buys for me the cloth for baju kurung and she herself would send them to the tailor. My task would only be going to the tailor and pay for it. If not for my mother's effort, I wont have any baju kurung at all. I am very comfortable with the arrangement and I think my mom is too because everytime I go to the tailor to make payment, I always pay for hers too.

This entry has no relevant at all with Anwar's battle for PM seat, nor does it has any impact on Pak Lah's incapability to take control of anything that's going on in our country. N@jib too wont find these entry as threatening as the SD made by RPK.

But I guess its better to talk about my clothes than discussing about them......

*Actually I do have a few other clothes, but I'm waiting for the right size of my body to fit in. Ya I bought the dress one size smaller hoping at that time I would be a lot slimmer.

I'm still hoping..... (for the smaller size.. not for Anwar/Pak Lah/Najib)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bila Aku Rindu

Menonton Ayat-Ayat Cinta semalam membuat aku menangis.

Ada sesuatu yang sangat menyentuh hati

Ada sesuatu yang menjadikan aku rindu....

pada yang telah lama aku tinggalkan

pada yang menjadikan aku sebagai aku

dan yang paling aku rindu


pada diri aku sendiri yg dulu


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some People Just Got It

I have to admit here how talented Hadie is when it comes to photography.
That same scene wont be as beautiful through my own lenses.

She just has it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Popo The Four Legged Boy

"Mana pi gelas Ann kat dapur ni Mak?"

"Mak simpan habih semua dalam almari,
habih semua benda ada kesan dia..."

"Bukan boleh letak cawan gelas atas meja tu,
semua nanti dia masukkan mulut dia"

"Eshh..sapaaaa yang Mak dok bising nih...?"

"Tu laaah.... yang kaki empat tu..."

Friday, July 11, 2008

On The Run

I dont know how much more should I thank HIM for placing me in such a wonderful place like my new home now. The best thing that I enjoy most is the spacious road and the fresh air I get during my morning run. Yes, I m getting back on my feet again after almost a month of all the nity gritty of moving and getting accustomed to the new place. But I did start my cycling much earlier though.

I just hope I will get to meet other slow female runners like me around the area. Not that I dont like to run alone, but sometimes I think its nice to have a company who has more, if not the same, passion than me so that we could push each other. I heard theres a Jitra Running Club somewhere around; think I ll just ask around for more info on that . But on a second thought maybe I m still too slow to join a club. Let my feet get accustomed to a faster pace than the hare first.

In the meantime I'll just have to hang on to my iPod for a good and loyal company.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Afifah- Motien's Only Daughter

Originally uploaded by anickue
Her original look when shes not making faces



Motiens sons

Her daughter
a small version of Motien

Motien is worried about Najmi. That eldest son of hers is sitting for UPSR this year and shes worried because Najmi seems to be enjoying listening to songs more than studying.

"Ni No fon Najmi: 019******;
Hang tolong bagi semangat sikit kat dia.
Dia dok gheja dengar lagu....Macam aku dulu la..."

Well Njami is not in the pic. I will try to post his photo whenever I can.

Do You Believe In Dreams

I dreamed of my friend a few nights ago. We have not kept in touch for almost 10 years now. Blame it on me but I know this time its not my fault. The last time she called that night was somewhere in 1998 and she was so excited about her project which was making her RM20K richer every month. Ya, she wanted me to join her and she even suggested me to quit my newly appointed job. I was amazed by her excitement and she read my amazement as amused. So she hang up the phone.

And I have never heard from her ever since. But I know she is doing very very well, even though the RM20K monthly project didnt last that long, but it lasted long enough for her to get a good capital for her next project...and next ... and next. Yes, she s very successful now.

But am I regretful for not joining her...?

Well, no.

Monday, July 07, 2008

...... dan janganlah pula Anwar bersumpah dengan lafaz "WALLAHUU"......

Ya, adik-adik, kakak-kakak... lafaz sumpah hendaklah dengan sebutan "kasroh/tanda bawah" dan disebut dengan lafaz sumpah seperti :-

2. TALLAHII; atau

Ambil perhatian ya kalau suami atau bf yang bersumpah:-

Wallahuu Abang tak kawin lain

Wallahuu Abang tak ada gf lain

Silalah ke dapur ambil pinggan dan cuba "aim" kan ke dada pasangan dan minta dia ulang sumpah dengan sebutan yang betul. Jika tidak layangkanlah pinggan itu ke dada beliau.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Cerekarama Politik

Aku rasa ramai yang rasa lelah dan penat dgn suasana politik Malaysia hari ini. Sepertinya hampir lemas rakyat Malaysia dibanjiri dengan drama politik membuatkan kita rasa negara kita sudah terhoyong hayang dengan bertimpa-timpa masaalah yang timbul berturut-turut dan berderet-deret.

Sayang sekali saat begini, aku begitu terasa kehilangan Dr M. Ya, dia sudah tidak relevan, tetapi Malaysia perlukan ketua yang dapat menjaga anak buah dan rakyatnya dengan baik. Dr M, meskipun penuh dengan "baggage"nya yang tersendiri tetapi dia mampu mengawal orang di bawahnya, sekalipun seperti ketua yang sangat digeruni dan ditakuti. Dalam masa yang sama aku juga mahu meletakkan salah kepada DR M yang terlalu mengongkong anak buahnya dulu di mana hampir setiap keputusan dibuat oleh Dr M sehingga sekarang tidak ada satu pun pemimpin kerajaan yang mampu membuat keputusan tegas yang tersendiri. Seperti ibubapa yang membuat segalanya untuk anak-anak, bila sahaja mereka tiada, anak-anak tak tahu apa benda pun !.

Lebih memburukkan keadaan, terdapat pula lah Hamba Allah yang bercita-cita nak jadi PM pada 16 September ini. Seorang Hamba Allah yang juga penuh drama, ulah dan sandiwara menjadikan suasana semakin kalut.

Ya, kamu mungkin terkejut. Tetapi aku memang tidak begitu yakin dan percaya dengan Hamba Allah yang seorang ini.

Rekodnya sebagai pejuang Islam seperti yang digembur bukanlah begitu baik ...........