Thursday, April 07, 2005

Being Nice A Sign Of Weakness

Have you ever encountered this situation especially when youre dealing with the some people ? Like when you walk into an office asking and enquring certain things and the man/lady just look at you with blank expression. And it seems like they re reluctant to entertain you just because youre smiling all the time and talking to them nicely. It happens... it just happens all the times. Maybe that is why some people cannot help to flaunt their titles, all the Tengkus the Datos and Datins, the Tan Sris and Puan Sris .. its like an unwritten rule that if you dont flaunt it, people wont notice you. Thats why some are not hesitant to stress their titles when introducing themselves so that people take note and give due respect. In that sense I dont really blame them, because without the titles people just dont care about you. But then, once your title is known and acknowledged then only you can afford to be nice, and people will say that youre a very good Dato who still can be nice and humble even with the title.

And with the title you have youre excused for being rude and arrogant too because youre deemed to have the power and people are afraid of power.So when youre a Dato you have the previlege to shout at people or even if you dont shout you can lift your head and flare your nose while looking down when addressing someone so that the person youre talking to knows that your Da Man.

So ... if youre someone without a title, do not be humble and do not talk nicely, they will know that youre somebody !

Life is definitely weird.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Soft Tack & Infusion Durable Outdoor Cover

Wu huuuu .. I'm excited ! I ve got two new basketballs now.The first one fits my hand well and I love the feel of it. I got the second one because I think its more suitable for the court where I'm playing now and with the Infusion technology created by Spalding it has its own built in pump.

Its not that I never had basketball before, its been more that 20 years since I last had my Mikasa Basketball. I was only twelve and Abah was in Singapore. He asked me what do I want from S'pore, instead of asking for a doll or teddy bear like any other girls would, I asked for a basketball. He got me a Mikasa and I carried the ball all around even to school, and my frens just love the ball. The kids around the house flocked my house to play basketball with me even though we didnt have any hoop at the time (never thought of one). I dribbled the ball everywhere I went. Its my first love, and now I'm falling in love all over again with basketball. Now that I'm working I can afford to buy a good one, two in fact.

The craziest thing of all is that I m now willing to wake up at the wee hours everyday before the sun rises and get in the car to go to the court which is about 7 minutes drive just to play for about 40 minutes before coming back and get ready for work.

And now I carry the two balls in my car wherever I go.

And no, you can never find any other crazy woman who would do that ...