Monday, May 26, 2008

Popo Was In Trauma, The Kitchen Cabinet Still Hasnt Come

I ve moved in to the new house. Most of the things were shoved into the big black plastic bags, and some thrown into the boxes with a thought that the unpacking and finding things would be dealt with later. (Sure enough... I could not find my my shirt after that).

The main issue I had to face during the transition was Popo. It was such a traumatic experience for him and for me too for not knowing how to handle him. He was so terrified with all the bustling, sounds of things being moved and voices of strangers in the house. It was apparent I was not prepared when it came to him. At one point he was so scared that he went into hiding and I found him later on with full of dirts and oil ( i think he must have been hiding under a vehicle). I put him inside the toilet and later into a cage and Popo went berserk. He had never been caged before.

When I brought him inside the new house, he was still inside the cage, crying and complaining but a bit calmed as he started to see things which are familiar to him, like the sofas, his play tent, Jamis (my bike, not a Javanis worker) and a few other things which are not new to his sniffing nose.

Since there were still some strangers inside the house, he was still in shock and when I let him out of the cage, he went into a corner and stayed there for quite some times. He was only relaxed after being coaxed with some fresh shrimps and the sound of my sweet tender loving care voice. (Perlukah dijelaskan di sini suara aku sweet? Ya, perlu.).

Anyways, after two nights at the new house he is now adjusting himself well with the surroundings, sniffing and snooping around.


Oh ya.... I love my new house !

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just A Thought

Sometimes, well most of the times, it is best to acknowledge the mistake we make and apologize. Our ego may not like it, but if you suppress the ego, you can stand taller without even looking like a looser. But if you keep on staying in the denial state, you would discover how hard it is to find all sorts of excuses and justifications for the mistake made. Just admit it and move on. People may or may not forget the blunder but they will definite respect you more for the courage you put on when you admit it to them.

If you keep on denying and giving excuses and worse still if you start blaming it on other people, it tells a lot about the person you are and you may not like if if you know what we think of you.

The Effect of The Green Tiles

I am finally moving out of my rented house insya Allah this weekend. I'm stressing insya Allah , God Will, and with all my wills, hopefully I will be done with the packing by that time. Theres nothing more that I detest more other than three things; packing, packing and unpacking. Of course, its the way of the world, we may not like doing things we re doing but we know we have to do them anyway.

The Contractor is on the run again. He s been hiding behind the wife literally and physically, but I have to give him some credits for his lack of thinking here. Firstly, he should have known that by causing me troubles he would definitely be black listed by all my friends and secondly he must have read my name card wrongly about my profession. Had he understood the meaning of my work, he would know I CAN be mean. I was angry at first, but now all I'm interested is to get things done.

I had to take things into my hand and continued where he left. I bought the tiles and everything and had to ask HIS worker to finish it off. Shukri (the worker) said he would have definitely finished everything off long ago had there been no delay in the tiles. Its so odd that the tiles for the bathroom never came. I bought the tiles for the bathroom and took the opportunity to even change the tiles in the kitchen. The kitchen tiles was apparently a huge mistake. I thought the color and texture were cool to my so called artistic eyes but I guess since it was put up to the walls, it didnt look that good and cool anymore. cK was even asking me "What were you thinking when you chose the color?" Ok, I admit it that that green was horrible.

Ever since I changed the green kitchen tiles, things are starting to fall into places, even though the contractor still wont pick up my phone, his wife has put on a brave face and took things into her hands. The wife apparently works under him too. I cant get angry with the wife as its not her fault and all I know I have to work with her so that I could get my kitchen cabinet ready in time.

Now come to think of it.. all the delays with the house must be due to that horrible ugly tiles. The thing is that when I first bought the house I asked Allah "Please let me have a beautiful house". And Allah The All-Knowing must have known that HE can never granted me that wish if the green tiles is still around.

Alhamdulillah. Allah Hu Akbar.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things I Learn

Ok. I know my heart beat has never touched 40bpm, the lowest was 79 of which i tried my best lying down in bed not moving an inch and trying my best not to even blink my eyes too, afraid that the blinking would erupt the beat.

and so I learned to listen to my own body instead of struggling to follow others' workout. I have to get it in my head, Aini is much younger and she s been at it for some times now. I have to accept that I cannot climb the hill like her at the moment, even though I do think that i dont have issues when coming down, and thats because my size is double her size.

and so i learned the best way to get it going without being "overtrained" and get all cranky and jeorpadize my relationship with everybody, is by doing it slow. Lower my heart rate to between 60-75% of the maximum heart beat, during the workout so that I could teach my body to burn the stored fat (of all my staple food of pastas pizza lasagna) first rather that groping for the carbo.

ok and so i learned i need not have to have a Prince to make me a good cyclist. I need to push more to pedal at higher cadence without even bouncing on the seat. A carbo frame wont help me at that.

and so I am learning how to balance my energy for running and cycling. I could run 10km a few weeks ago, but now, I'm back to walking and running and its such a torment to even run 3 km. My cycling on the other hand is getting better.

Now, perhaps some swimming would balance everything up ..........

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Posisi Aerodynamic

Kalau kita baca pasal teknik kayuh basikal ni, kita akan jumpa bahawa posisi yang paling bagus untuk mengayuh dengan lebih laju ialah dengan posisi aerodynamic. Posisi ini membolehkan kita menambahkan kelajuan dengan mengurangkan rintangan angin dan menggunakan tenaga yang sedikit apabila berkayuh.

Memang tertungging-tungging tonggek bongkok apa segala para pengkayuh basikal nak bagi badan dalam aero position, sakit habih pinggang bahu semua (aku lah tu...)

Tapi...bila aku solat... baru aku terperasan......... kalaulah aku ni rajin buat solat sunat beratus-ratus rakaat, pasti aku tiada masaalah naik basikal...

Sebabnya... tiada posisi yang lebih aerodynamic melainkan waktu ruku' dan sujud .............

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saturday Ride

I had a good ride yesterday even though at the last 10km I was really gasping for air ..

I started out quite early from the house, right after Subuh prayer. At first I was planning to go out as early as 5.45 am and stop by at Nora's house for the prayer before proceeding to Changloon, but then I thought I might as well start from the house rather than knocking on Nora's door when shes still in Dream Wonderland. I had done all the packing that night and so its only a matter of dressing up and putting on the make up ( kidding..make up hapanya nak kayuh basikal) and sped off to Changloon in a matter of 25 mins. I took the highway.

Alor Star is a very flat land, you wont find any hills around and we dont have that many flyovers here to try climbing. Thats why I always love cycling in Jitra because of the few small hills here and there. This time around anyways, I had Changloon in mind, thinking of climbing that hill again on the way to UUM and make a turning to go to Perlis through Pauh and go down to Kodiang before coming back to Changloon. The ride should be around 56km.

I only had one bottle of plain drinking water and a power bar. What a mistake, I should have put Gatorade instead, as I learned later in the ride.

Its only after the 5th km when I met with THAT HILL, and since I'm quite new, the climb was really a test. When I started to climb I was pedaling at almost 60rpm and when I was about to reach the top my HRM was shouting at more than 160 and the speed was at about 10-13km/h. I had to stop to at the top to make sure the heart dropped at 131 before coming down. But the climb was worth it because what a descend I had. I was going down at 51.6km/h !!! Yeehaaaaa.... Last week I only managed to get 44km/h doing the same hill.

I had to face a few small hills afterwards and more climbing before coming to the round-about in front of UUM for the turn. The returning trip from UUM was not as bad as it was now a matter of going down and I could try the big gears for a speed. Again I had to face the HILL and tortured my heart, my feet and all of my body for the second time. I was climbing at the last few meters to the top at 5-6km/h !!

I took the Changloon-Kuala Perlis highway which was about 13km from the UUM-Changloon junction and took a turn to Pauh. The ride on the highway was smooth. I was pedaling at the rate of 25-30km/h which to me is quite fast as my usual average is about 21km/h. Maybe this time around I was trying pedaling with the big gear. Pauh was nice and the road was not as bad as I had expected. I was cycling under shades of trees and it was quite refreshing, especially after coming from the scorching hot sun at the high way. It was cool and relaxing from Pauh to Kodiang but when I reached the latter the road was apparently under construction *sigh* . I did not have to suffer that much as after about 400m I then made a left turn at the famous junction of Kodiang towards Changloon again.

This road should take about 13km but I was very close to bonking. I did take a few sips during the ride and I even stopped for a half of the powerbar at one point but my energy level was very low. I saw a shabby closed old shop hut with and old rattan chair with cushion outside and decided to take a break. I finished the other half of the powerbar and just sat there watching the kampung folks going up and down. After 5mins or more I continued the ride but I was having a tough time. The road greeted me with many ups and downs, and its all about "oh no..another climb" and "ahh yes...coming down" and "oh no..another climb again..".... It was not supposed to be that bad, all are very small climbs, but since I was close to worn-out, I was crying all the way..! And there were a few kids on the road who were trying to have fun with me by pulling some rope in the middle of the road (like coming to finishing line) that I had to shout out loud "Wehhhh Hoii..! Jangan ! Jangan !! Tak mau mainnnn.. Jatuh nanti...!!" Ya, I was cranky because I was tired.

I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, when I saw Changloon town again ! Alhamdulillah. Since I was dead beat, I didnt bother to use the proper lane, and since my car was not very far from the junction and all the cars were not speeding, I took the incoming car lane and carefully rode on the right side of the road. Yes, it was dangerous, but I took the chance.

I had never been happier to see my car again!

Dist: 58.8KM
Av : 21.7 km/h
Mx: 51.6 km/h

Heart Rate

Av: 148
Mx: 164

Cycling Is Fun

I want to go, I want to go
To the greenfileds with you baby
C'mon lets go. c'mon lets go
Wo Wo Wo

Riding on a bicycle together
We could ride forever
C'mon letes go, C'mon lets go
Wo Wo Wo

Riding on the cycling road
Everyone is having fun
Riding on the cycling road
Nobody knows our cycling road

Shonen Knife
Cycling Is Fun
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Friday, May 02, 2008

Adik Dan Boifrennya Yang Jaguh Lari

Tiba-tiba aku teringat cerita Adik yang beria-ria cerita pasal boifren baru dia. (Adik baru darjah 3 ok waktu itu).

"Kak Ann boifren Adik tu best !"

"Ya ka..?"

"Ha ahh... best wooh dia... dia lari kuat tau.... lajuuuuu !"


"Dalam sekolah tu dia yang paling lari laju sekali. Adik kalau main dengan dia, tak larat tauu nak ligan*... "

"Uhhh.. hebatnya"

"Ha ahh.. dia lari laju sungguh, kalau Kak Ann lawan lari dengan dia pun, Kak Ann pun kalahhhh..."

Aku, dalam hati. "Mak aii.. banding aku dgn boifren dia pulak."