Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my iPad 3

ohh... my last year self would be baffled if she knows this. cK bought me an iPad to fulfil my birthday request.

I never thought i would want an iPad. i always thought iPad to be ....... childish and meant only for surfers.

i m usually a mac person and was a book person too (iBook G4)

and if you must know, i love to draw. i love water colors and i always find it a hassle to even prepare to start drawing .. with all the tubes, the brush, the water ... the mess.

and i wanted to draw using  a computer. and I had Bamboo in my head when I thought about virtual drawing, but then i thought, why not iPad ...

and heep heep hooray to iPad for its magical use for drawing too (besides games and surfing)

I just love it and i downloaded most of the drawing and sketch app available ...

but the the best one is of course Artrage ......

My Youngest Bro

he didn't have that much money. writing doesnt give you the stable income to even buy a bicycle. with some money he had from helping the big sister, he bought a one way ticket to perth.

he had only about AUD400 when he landed in perth. and i bought him a oneway ticket to auckland when the australia visa expires in february.

i wish him well.


Love and Relationship

I love to read blogs, and you can say that again I love to stalk.

I am following these two blogs of a couple being in a long distance relationship.

I ve been following one of them for quite sometimes , and i like the way she tells her stories. She talked about her past relationship, her loneliness, and how she hoped to meet the right one.

... and then she did, she found the right one, she was afraid at first, not wanting to commit, but somehow she couldnt help from falling in love .... the right one  fell the same thing for her too, but just as they were falling head over heels for each other, one has to be away for three years for study.

they vowed to stay together during the separation, promised to see at least once a year and hope to maintain the love forever ..

i find them to be sweet .... and reading their love for each other makes me think that when it comes to love, everyone is just the same, crazy, insane, passionate, fun, sweet, romantic and all .... even for a lesbian couple.

(yes they are two ladies falling in love with each other)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Katie Herzig- Wish You Well

This is one beautiful song

Katie Herzig's voice is so soothing


Sunday, October 28, 2012


Why are you making it so hard for me to love you, 

even when I thought I wanted to make amend and give you the best that I could

this love and hate relationship is really taking its toll on me

I am just tired

and at times I just dont feel anything

all is left is just responsibility

I want to love you with all my heart

i want to

i really do