Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Have A New Blog

Well ... since I am now into all this crafty things, I have decided I should create another blog for that particular purpose. This blog should not be contaminated with all those crazy crafty stories. The name of this blog itself does not not condone to anything crafty anyway .. lets leave this blog to only my thoughts and thoughts and thoughts .. not to what my hands can do ... (cewahhh)

.. and I d prefer Crafty Anique not to be linked to this blog. It's supposed to be for a different community but I dont mind those who read this blog, hop to Crafty Anique.

If I m not here .. you know now where to find me ....


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


when everything else in one's life starts to fall apart ... the only thing he holds dearly to is the EGO

you don't need to hang on to your ego when you re at ease with yourself and what you have achieved ... you wont drag your ego to everywhere you go because you know you wont need it to make people notice you

the 'bigger' you are .. the smaller your ego will be

but when your ego is getting much bigger than yourself ...

there must be something missing in you !



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Always Mean What You Say

.. because I do find sometimes that people say things because they feel that's what supposed to be said .. like a dialogue in a TV drama .. or a script ... where at this particular scene one should be saying this and this ... when deep down you know whatever shes saying doesnt really come from her heart


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Closure

Shes been looking for him all these years. They were together for a few years when suddenly he just left without saying anything. Broken hearted, she had no choice but to move on with her life. She went on to meet other people but theres still someone and something that she s missing. She s not sure whether she still loved him or not but he had never left her mind and her thoughts.

Every now and then she she'd google his name with a hope that she might stumble into something about him. She was looking for him wanting to find him to seek something but she did not know what it was .. until one day when the search of his name in FB had prompted her to send him a message. She sees that hes now married to a beautiful woman and they even have a sweet little daughter. She could feel that she was actually .... happy for him.

After all the customary hellos and how-have-you-beens between them , he one day told her how sorry he was that he left her. He didnt mean to hurt her but it was something he had to do and he had no gut to tell her at that time.

She was suddenly reminded of the old pain, no shes not hurt anymore, she was already with someone else and she is happy now. She told him she forgave him and that she was happy for him. He wished her well and he too was glad that shes happy.

And now she knows ... what was it that she s been looking for from him all these years .

She just wanted to find out why he left her

She wanted him to say hes sorry

She wanted him to acknowledge the mistake he had done

He didnt explain everything to her but it was suffice that he did apologize to her

There was no more messages between them ever since

She understands now that all that she needed and wanted all these while was a "proper closure".

Because when you say Hello to someone you meet, it would be proper to say Goodbye when you want to leave.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Something That I Did Last Night



Can you feel that I need more felt ?


Monday, March 08, 2010

The Adventure Of Ann And Her Bag Making Class

Sri is my old old friend from the primary school days (see .. we re really old now, but seriously Sri looks younger than her age). She and her sis from Pondok Craft had organized a one day class in Jitra on how to make a bag. I was thrilled and excited of course since my current interest is now all about sewing ! Its about time my skill in sewing buttons be upgraded and expanded.

I was also feeling nervous because until that particular day, it had been a very very very very long time since I last laid my hand on a sewing machine (literally, seriously). In other words I had never used a sewing machine.

I had been to Pondok Craft in Seberang Jaya on its opening day and I must say I was very impressed with the shop .... the fabrics are awesome with a few rows of beautiful American Cotton fabrics to choose from ...! They're really careful with the quality of the fabrics they sell and I also love the choice of patterns and the colors they have.

That' s me and Sri and Aniza at the opening day

Ok , back to the story.

I was the first to be in the class and there were 5 Bernina sewing machines on the two tables . So you see, Bernina, for those who only know Singer brand as sewing machine, is one of the branded sewing machines in the market. When you use a Bernina, especially the high end ones, it means you have arrived ! And those crazy quilters .. they would at least use the Bernina Aurora which can cost about RM7,000-00. The top notch of the brand can be traded with a new Kancil car. They also have the low range set which is Bernette, but Bernette, according to those hard cores, is not the real Bernina, as the story goes they are made in Thailand and not Switzerland.

So it's confirmed that I am crazy to dream using a Bernina Aurora or Activa (the mid range version) when the one I can afford is only a Bernette and another brand Janome. This entry I tell you, can be longer if i want to go on mumbling about Janome and all the other machines and I cant afford that or else you readers would be jumping to someone else's blog.

There were about 6 of us in the class including two male participants who came with their wife and I'm telling you .. those men, they really know how to sew !!! Not sure if I should post their photos here ... never mind .. just take my words for it. They are good.

This is Sri my good friend who helped me a lot and who must have sworn she should have charged me more than the others

Oh I do want to tell everything in details but it ll be so long winded and I think I ll just sum up everything in point forms:-

. I had caused problems with the machine (they let me use the Bernette). I cant blame the machines because everybody else was doing fine with theirs. Or maybe because its Bernette, but then another Bernette was fine too ... hmmmm .. such a mystery !

. I also cost them more threads than the others because I kept on making mistakes, sewing on one side when I should have sewed the other side ...

. The machine wont listen to me. ! When I wanted to go straight it would sway the other way. Another mystery to me and the teachers too.

. Everybody was already packing their bags to go home and mine was still not finished.

. The teacher had to finish it for me ... because they cant afford to wait for me .. it ll be dark if they let me do it

The Guru Besar who was fated to put up with me

And finally .... after all the trouble and sweat ( to the teachers as well) , ladies ...... heresssss 's (drum role) my bag ! :-

I love love love the bag ... it doesnt matter that I cheated when making it .. its still my bag !!! Yeahh !

All the credits must go to Sri and her Sister for being so patient with me. I would have been sent out the class had it been other teachers !

I used the bag right away the next day and you know what ...


the handle came off ....

tsk .... me and my so called hand-made bag ! A typical me and my hand things ... just like everything I lay my hands on

But hey all that does not put me off ...... I am more than ready for another adventure with the PondokCraft team for their next class ....

psss ..... I have a feeling they might want me to find and bring my own machine the next time .