Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will Ye Have Patience ?

"We have made some of you as a trial for others:
Will ye have patience?
For Allah is One Who sees (all things)"

Al Furqan :20

Just when you think that a person is a test to you, he may be thinking the other way round too. Because we are all not the same, we have to adapt to our differences with patience and kindness. When you are in a disagreement with someone you have to take a look at the background of the situation. You have to find out the stories behind your opponent. You have to try be in his shoes to make you understand his views and situations. Instead of concentrating on yourself, you have to step outside the box that s surrounding the person and you and evaluate the circumstances around it without being too emotional. Most of the times when you do that, you will understand the whole state of affair better. You might even find out the actual reason of your anger or resentment.

We sometimes do not get angry at the person, we are angry because of the situation and the circumstances. We are angry because we cannot handle the situation thats been shoved to us without prior notice. We are actually frustrated because our expectations have been smashed. Most of the times, we get angry because we loose control of ourself.

And next time when I'm about to go crazy because the driver in front of me is driving at 20kmph, I would think of this verse !

You Are How You Eat

I went out with Nora to KFC quite a few times. She would order the “snack plate” with two pieces of chicken together with the bun, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and sometimes we take fries or potatoe wedges for side orders. I notice how Nora would first eat the fries and then the bun and later go for the chicken and the coleslaw or the mashed potatoes; one at a time but not in particular order. Never two of the dishes at the same time, she would take them one by one.

And if you ever get to know Anis, you will notice how she eats. She would arrange everything neatly on the plate and eat them slowly and gracefully. That’s the word; yes despite the fact that, how ‘cranky’ or ‘crazy’ she can be, she eats her food gracefully !!! It amazes me the way she eats. But Anis would always eat the fries first because she likes the fries hot.

I on the other hand would eat everything at the same time. I would take the chicken together with the bun dipped in mashed potato and coleslaw with a little bit of the chili sauce in the coleslaw. I would take the fries too in between the chicken and the coleslaw. Its like I can just take almost all the foods at the same time, I cant do like Nora does. I just cant take them one by one.

Now, the way Nora eats is exactly the way she does her works. One by one; and one thing at a time.

I guess Anis does her work the same thing too. Neatly and ….. ‘gracefully’ ?? How does one do her work gracefully ….?

And in my case, I suppose you can imagine how I work … which makes me running here and there all the time ……

P/S : Now ....... I even heard that the way you eat shows the way you are in bed …. *wink*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Best Answer

"Silence is the best answer to a fool"

Imam Ali R.A

I couldnt agree more with the saying.
Dont you think so too ?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aku Ini Dari Tanah

Allah bertitah pada satu masa
Mahu diciptanya makhluk manusia
Maka malaikat dan jin berkata-kata
“Adakah Engkau akan mencipta yang akan membinasa?”

Dari tanah bentuknya dibina
Tanah dari bumi yang sesuai istimewa
Diperintah malaikat yang pertama hingga ke sembilan
Tiada seoarang pun yang mampu mangambilnya kerana kasihan

Bumi merayu kepada sembilan malaikat
Janganlah aku diambil kerana berkat
“Aku mendengar makhluk yang dicipta akan membinasa
Dan aku pasti akan turut sama merasa
Kerana aku adalah mereka
Apatah lagi kalau ramai yang akan ke neraka
Pasti aku dibawa bersama”

Sembilan malaikat merasa kasihan
Maka disuruhnya Malaikat ke sepuluh,
Namanya saja menggegar tubuh
Dan tiap kali Izrael disebut ramai yang berpeluh

Izrael turun ke bumi dengan satu misi
Mengambil sesuatu yang tak diizin dari bumi
Bumi tetap merayu merayu lagi
“Janganlah aku dibawa pergi
Aku tidak mahu membinasa diri”

Kata Izrael “Aku ini datang atas perintah
Jangan engkau berhelah-helah
Tidak aku yang bercakap-cakap”
dan tanah terus direntap

Tanah dibentuk merupa makhluk
Dan dari Allah ruh ditiup
Tapi sebelum sempat sampai ruh ke kaki
Adam sudah bangun mahu berdiri

TitahNYA “Manusia ini makhluk yang tergesa-gesa”
Apa saja yang diminta mahu nya dengan segera
Tidak peduli yang diminta itu buruk atau baik baginya

Iblis itu asalnya ketua para Jin danMalaikat
Penghulu bagi semua yang berpangkat
Dan tatkala cerita mahkluk baru yang akan dicipta tersebar
Iblis benar-benar rasa tercabar
"Aku dari api dan makhluk itu dari tanah, maka aku pastinya lebih besar"

Ahhh ...semua orang sudah tahu cerita seterusnya
Cerita turun temurun Iblis dan Adam dan juga Hawa
Betapa janji dan sumpah Iblis mampu dikota
Sehingga ayahnda berdua diarah keluar dari Syurga
Kerana memakan buah laranganNYA

Yang aku mahu cerita sebenarnya di sini
Bagaimana kita ini dari tanah asalnya

Jadi salahkah aku.........
Jikalau aku bergelumang dengan sesuatu
Yang asal usul terciptanya aku ?

More here

Marhaban Ya Ramadan

Selamat Berpuasa Everybody.

Drink at least a few glass of water during sahur.
It helps

Friday, September 22, 2006

When Anis Is In Town

The sister who brings sunshine to the family .....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

" I Am Near "

"When My Servants Question You About Me:
Tell them that I am Near
I respond to the dua' (prayer) when they call on Me"

Al Baqarah: 186

This is one of the most important verses in Quran that most of us tend to overlook. When we are sad, when we are lost and when things are not according to what we hope for, we forget that HE is very close and near to us. HE listens to every of our prayers and hopes. HE knows our fears and worries but HE has also promised that HE will not burden us with something that we cannot bear.

Some Muslims who convert to Christianity feel that when they were Muslims, they felt that HE was far from them and when the Christians missionaries told them that Jesus is close, they fell for it and embraced the concept without hesitation.

Is it our faults, the Muslims, for spreading more of HIS wrath rather than HIS Rahman and Rahim (Most Merciful and Most Compassionate) ?

Is it our fault that we do not tell our brothers and sisters that Allah is indeed close and very near to us and that HE actually listens to us .......?

Well, HE has listened to my prayers and HE has granted most of the things I asked for. (Of course the iPod 80GB prayer is still under consideration.... I hope).

. I asked HIM to make my relationship with my Mom smooth ... (Checked) - granted
. I asked HIM to give me a man I can respect ... (Checked) * -granted
. I asked HIM for a car I could go places ..... (Checked) - granted
. I asked HIM for an iBook ... (Checked) - granted

I asked HIM for lots of other things that I now realized that HE actually listened and granted! ALHAMDULILLAH

and for the things HE has not (yet) granted or will not grant ... I leave that its for my best interest.

And why do I still fail to be his loyal servant ..................................................

*note: forgot to ask for a Husband I can respect: dua' duly amended (on the way... *wink*)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dear Housemate

As you are aware we have been housemates for quite sometimes now. If I'm not mistaken more than a couple of years. Even though you have been around, I never bothered about you actually. I couldnt be bothered what time you got in and what time you went out. You go in and out of the house as you wish and I never restricted your movement. You have created your own rights to enjoy the previlege of being my housemate. I saw you sometimes and I knew you saw me too but you would always try to avoid me by hiding away in your room. Your presence in the house was not felt anyway but we both know we re there, if not for each other.

You know I always bring home food to put on the table, and you know I sometimes put aside the leftovers. But I was so angry that day when I found out that you took my steamed corn. I didnt know that you took it only to find out later from that foul smell coming from your room. I was furious and angry actually. How could you left the corn in the room with all its foul smell.

You knew I was angry and I knew you were not happy about it. Instead of apologizing to me you planned your own revenge. I didnt like it at all when you took away my phone charger without telling me. I was looking all over and didnt know that it was you who took it. I had to buy a new one. But to my suprise I found it later IN YOUR ROOM and you took the liberty to cut it.

That was not the only thinng you took from me. Even the second telephone charger was taken by you without notice. And some other things of mine have been the object of your anger. What baffled me was even the telephone line had fallen to be your victim. You had caused me troubles as I had to get a new line.

I have no choice my dear housemate. After a few unforgiveable things you ve done and after causing me so much troubles, I have to ask you to leave. I can no longer live with you. You have to find another room of your own.

These are the result of your mean actions :-

I have to ask you to leave with immediate effect.You leave me with no choice. I am sorry.

I Am Not A Choice

I jumped with joy when I saw this CD. Been looking for it for some times, especially that particular song " Aku Bukan Pilihan" which I had blogged somewhere some times ago.

This is a song with a very manly strong lyric, about a man who does not want to be a pathethic left-by-a-woman man, who stands tall despite being hurt, one who doesnt want to compromise his ego and dignity by begging the girl to take him back.

Now... thats a refreshing kind of man... at this age.......

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Was chating with At80 about relationship and breaking up and it hit me:-

The hardest part of breaking up is not
when you have to tell the other person that its over,
its when you would have first to admit to yourself
that the relationship is not working anymore;
thats the most painful thing one has to face
even before saying "good bye"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Only T Shirt

the only licensed and approved Calvin shirt to exist

Too bad At80

Calvin and Hobbes

You can see that I ve been reading some of my "Calvin and Hobbes" collections again. This boy never fails to fascinate me. I love his wit, his humour, his thoughts on everyday life. But I also feel pity for him for being such a loner, I mean in relation to his social life with other kids, (except for Susie Derkins of course, for almost everybody thinks that Calvin has a mild crush on that sweet smart girl). Even Bill (Bill Watterson) thinks that Calvin might face a hard time getting a girlfriend considering the way hes treating Susie right now.

Ms Wormwood : Which state are you in ?
Calvin : Denial

There were a few ocassions where Bill tried to make Calvin join the scout and even the baseball team, but Calvin is not really a team player, he detests rules and he cant stand being ordered around, and I doubt that Calvin has any talent for sport actually. The only game he can play is "CalvinBall" which he plays with Hobbes (the rule changes as you play along and the only rule to be followed is that you cannot make the same rule twice).

In his own world, Calvin is never alone, Hobbes is always there for him, his partner in crime. The time he spends with Hobbes, their views about the world .... ahhhh... I can never get enough of this boy.

Too bad Bill has stopped drawing Calvin.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Swear

"Life's dissapointments are harder to take if you don't know any swear words"

Calvin and Hobbes

Do you swear ? Do you swear a lot ? Do you swear with every other words that come out of your mouth ?

I suppose swearing helps us go through life without having to suppress our anger and dissapointment . When you let 'em out, you clear your sub concious mind.

But the question is to what extend should you let your anger overcomes you. Maybe mere words help you from punching somebody's face or kick somebody's back, which may turn out worse.

I googled AskOxford and found this :-
swear :-

verb (past swore; past part. sworn) 1 state or promise solemnly or on oath. 2 compel to observe a certain course of action: I am sworn to secrecy. 3 use offensive or obscene language, especially to express anger.

I dont mind if people swear but I try to make it a point to only use these words when I'm angry or dissapointed or when I bump myself on the doorway:-

Bodoh- Bangang-Gila

Yaaaa... my life is not that colorful when it comes to swearing ....

Monday, September 04, 2006

You Dont Know What You Have

The only way to appreciate a person is to think that we might loose him/her at any time without notice.

I would always use this trick sometimes whenever I want to have a sip of my sister's favourite drink or a taste of her food. Anis always says that I do not only taste, she's always afraid I might goggle up half of her drink or her plate.

"What happens if after this second I go out to the street and a car knocks me and I'd drop dead. You can never forgive yourself for the rest of your life for not letting me have a taste of your lasagna when I asked you for some a few minutes before my death. Hahaha"

I try to apply this with every person that I'm close to. I always try to set in my mind that death is never far away from any of us. And even when I cant come to terms with my loved ones I would always try to give in because I dont want to regret later.

"You dont know what you have until its gone"

And the trick works with Anis.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Women Can Keep Secrets You Know

Here goes the conversation .....

AB: You know what... this friend of mine, ABC, at the office; he told me he doesnt actually love his wife and that he married her because the wife is his mother's choice... Nobody knows this except me. He said he has never told anybody about this.

Me : Oucchh.. My heart goes to the wife if she ever finds out about her husband's true feelings for her.Waa... he can tell you this kind of things eh..? To tell his secrets to you ... !

AB: Well... you know me.... guys can always tell me their secrets.. because they know I would never tell anybody. You tell me.... who would I tell all their secrets to.........

Me : True

AB: And please dont tell anyone about this ABC's secret

Me: Sure

I rest my case My Lord .

Friday, September 01, 2006

Merdeka !

From the mouth of cK:

Merdeka Parades are meant for these three categories only :-

1. The Sultans
2. The Politicians; and
3. The Media

the rest are forced to ........
Notice that this time around photos of YTM Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman are all over ....


Is it because they want to eliminate any photos of the ex - Prime Ministers especially the recent ex ?

But along the way they must have forgotten to put Pak Lah's photo too.....


I'm Kicking !

It's about time I change the layout of my blog. I suddenly realized that my blog was rather too plain and it was confirmed by my good evil (!!!) friend At80 last nite when she pointed out that my blog is "simple and 'pucat' (pale)". Its simple alright, because I actually like my blog to be neat and simple even though it can be the other way round with my house and office *ehemmm*. I dont like my blog to be bogged with all the blocks ....

But anyways, so as not to keep my blog pale, I thought why not I add banner and colors to it. I have always been envious of those people with their own banner at the top of their blogs. Didn't really know how to do it but I did my own findings and now... tadaaaaaa .... my own banner !! with the creativity of my own two sweaty hands ... (hahaha... berpeluh2 nak buat) because for once photoshop is "alien" to me but I knew I had no choice but to dive in and start kicking and paddling to stay afloat. Alhamdulillah I managed !

I know I can always ask people for help but after sometimes I have begun to understand that it is better to learn and find what you want to know by yourself. You can never always depend on people, well at least try not to in the first place.

Yeah... I'm still kicking at 5 am now. I have been doing this layout almost all night long. It should be easy to some, but well... Alhamdulillah I think I ve done OK.

If only I can kick some more to finish the files from the office ......