Sunday, August 15, 2010

- Dumping Babies -

I am sorry but I am of the opinion that we are actually part of the reason to the increasing rate of abandoned babies. While not holding the heartless culprits any less of blame, I feel that there should be other ways for us to handle the problems rather than pointing all fingers at them and judging them.

I'm saying this because I think we should first look at the real reason behind their cruel actions . Why did they do it? Dont tell me they re doing it because of the adultery sins they committed. I am telling you they did it not because of the sex sins. They did not think of any sins when they re jumping on each other and it only took a matter of one step further of extending the already committed sins, to dump the "fruit of their labour".

You know why they dumped them ?


Let us be honest here. Whats the first thing you d think when you know of someone's daughter or someone's sister or even a friend is pregnant out of wedlock ?

You cant help being judgmental, right ?

For some, these judgmental thoughts would only be kept at the back of their mind but most, most would never hesitate to throw at the girl all the worst names they could think of and cursing not only the girl but the whole of her family and the family line. The society would never forgive and neither would they forget the mistake for the rest of the mother's or the baby's life !

But if we re talking about killing souls, and if we want to punish those who put their babies in the toilet we should also punish those who went for abortion. Arent they both the same ......... ? Abortion is also a "killing method" and of course we re not talking about abortion due to health issues here.

Those with moneys wouldnt hesitate to go to the clinic for abortion: the rich would go outside the country and the not so rich would take the local clinics, those with lesser moneys would go to "bomoh" and "dukun" and those with no money and no brains would go to the toilet. And some with no money and a bit of brain would eat lots of pineapples.

And yes they are all the same. They all kill a soul .

I wish they would come out with the statistic as to the background of all those dumpers and I am sure and I can guarantee that their background would be almost the same ...

Their reason too would all come down to the same one: they just couldnt face the family and the society.

I know many NGOs have set up shelters and there are also many 'rumah kebajikan' around to cater these cases , but all these would not help the situation if the society still have the judgmental, unforgiving, cursing attitudes.

Just because I am suggesting that we should help the out of wedlock pregnant girls does not mean that I am condoning adultery ... I am merely suggesting that we should help them instead of judging and punishing them.

Let the punishment be in the hands of Allah and the government whos supposed to implement hudud ...... NOT US.