Friday, November 13, 2009

Popo= Pancakes

Tis the reason I love Popo

We share the same passion for pancakes !


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There will come a time in your life when some things dont really matter to you anymore; things that you thought were important, thing you perceived define the person you are, things you believed to give acknowledgment to you, things you hoped would highlight you ...

.. but one day .. when you wake up .. it suddenly hit you ... you dont actually need all those things to be the person you already are .. 

that day would be the day when you can be very comfortable in your own skin, to be able to laugh at your silly blunders, to be able to admit the mistakes you did and to really forgive yourself for things you did to yourself and to other people, to just smile at all those sweet memories and the bad ones too, because those memories are part of the person you are now.

that day would also be the day when you dont feel the need to wonder why the list of friends in your Facebook do not even reach 100 because you know some of those 62 are those you really cherish and care about

that day too would be the day when you dont bother to send your photos to all the groups you joined in Flickr because you do not care anymore if nobody think your work is good. You just love to take photos 

that day would be the day you go out for your brisk walking not because you want to look good, but because you are concern with your health

its the day you feel content with what you have, cherished by all those people who really care for you, happy for all the good  things you ve done

but at the same time you pray and you hope that all that you really count are being blessed by HIM because in the end ... all that you have now would mean nothing if it is not with HIS blessing ... 

..... and because the final destination would be just YOU and HIM

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim ....Ya Ghaffar !

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hello There ... Yengge Po Rengge

Hello Shaliza !


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Some people just dont have class

to even turn around and try to attack you
wailing like shes the victim



I am a very deep person. I feel very deep about almost everything that is within my concern. Especially so with relationship. That is why I dont have that many friends because those who are close to me are very dear to my heart. And if I have that many friends it would create problems because I would have to tend to everyone of them with special personal care which I cant afford

But I have one flaws, I dont know how to be angry and show my dissatisfaction when those close to me did something that hurt me. I would usually just swallow everything and when it comes to a point of no return ... I just withdraw myself ... and most of the times without any explanation

I partly blame myself for that

and.. yeahh.. even Popo too  ignores me sometimes ..



When you have that someone to come home to and cuddle

apa sangatlah dunia luar sana 

yang penuh dengan "payah" dan "poyos"