Monday, June 14, 2010

You Are Not Weak ....

1. If you apologize when you make a mistake

2. If you need people in your life

3. If you know how to say Thank You

4. If you dont have the last say

5. If you do not know certain things

6. If you are not always at the top

7. If you are young

8. If you are old

9. If you dont get angry

10. If you are silent



Little Things Become Unimportant When You Think Of Bigger Things

How do you see things in your life ...?

How big and how small is your world actually ?

Are you seeing using the magnifying glass .. or are you looking at a grand map of plan?

What you see and what you dont see depends on your position. The higher your position is the more things you are able to see.

But if you are sitting from a very low position , you can only see things within that range of small and narrow sight only, and the sad part is that when people of higher position tell you the things they see, most of the times you dont even know what on earth are they talking about.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Change Is Good - So They Say

This week is the toughest week for me and the firm. A few major changes are taking place and some are unexpected and shocking. Its like one after another and we could only wait and see if there are a few more coming.

Changes are inevitable, many and I suppose most of us do not really like changes because we usually feel safe with the same environment and the same routine. We do not want and perhaps the actual word is "afraid" to be out of our comfort zone. Because when there are changes we have to make adjustment to accommodate the changes. There are things that we might have to let go and there are new things that we might have to hold on to now.

And of course there are times when we ourselves are the instrument to the changes which can of course make other people hate not only the changes but us too.

Perhaps Allah is adjusting a grand plan for the firm and me and perhaps the changes can also be as a turning point for something better ...

But for now I can only wait and see and just pray that things will be alright and ok for everybody.

Rabbishrahli Sadri Wayassir Li Amri .......