Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the P word

Satu saja soalan :-

Bukakah perkataan P itu memang wujud dalam kasta kalian ?

Perkataan P bukan ciptaan khayalan.

Kita tidak dapat menafikan sejarah dan fakta. Seperti juga bangsa bangsa lain yg sejarahnya bermula dgn hina tapi masih mampu berjaya dan mengangkat diri dan martabat, bukan sibuk menafikan hakikat.

Seperti kata Cikgu Nobita

"Kenapa mata diletakkan di depan ?"

"Untuk melihat ke hadapan!"

Saya simpati perkataan itu wujud.

Dan saya lebih suka gunakan P itu untuk



Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Realized That ...

I m more calm and relax during two occasions:-

Puasa time and when I m sick

Its during these two times that:-

. I dont feel I m in a hurry
. I dont easily get angry and annoyed especially at the driver in front whos driving at 4okmph
. I have the chance to drive slow and observe every things around which I never noticed before
. I feel I can take out my camera and really sit and compose without being "kalut"
. I can watch independent movies without getting up and get bored
. I dont talk much
. I m more mature .....

hahaha. Cool eh ..

So dont give me sugars when i m around and when you want me to behave properly.


Le Petite Nicolas

A very very nice French movie. I had a good time watching it and cant even stop from laughing all through out the film.

About a boy whos afraid that his parents would throw him out in the wood IF they have a new baby. With a few of his friends they created a group with the agenda to help Nicolas (our boy hero) to win his parents hearts back so that they wont abandon him.

The parents were hilarious, so were the teachers and of course they rest of the naive cute gang.

Its in French but the subtitles and the expressions would make you laugh and enjoy the movie never the less !